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Theresa J Morris, Agent-Consultant-Organizer. TJ Morris dba ACIR. Author-Speaker-Educator-Host. Member BMI. TJ Morris Entertainment Agency, TJ Morris Hosting TJ Morris Radio and is a co-host on her friends radio networks. TJ Morris Media, TJ Morris Publishing, TJ Morris Radio. TJ Morris Brand ACIR service mark. ELearning - What- Education Why- Networking Journalism Research Associates, Agents-Consultants-Organizers-Event Planners Member of BMI, Singer-Songwriter, Timely Manor Books Imprint. Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris is a Life Coach-Motivational Speaker-Intuitive Reader. American Culture International Relations. USA Advocate in Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, History, Folklife, Entertainment, Communications. TJ dabbles in computers enough to learn something new everyday and puts experience to work assisting her trusted friends Online! TJ Morris American Community Internet Research Association communication information content providers for global community expansion and sustainability.BIO THERESA J. MORRIS Theresa J Morris, known as TJ Morris ~ Theresa J Morris, author, entrepreneur, radio host, advocate for the working class net citizens. Theresa’s books are available through many websites including her own Theresa is a former toastmaster member and speaker on various paranormal phenomena. TJ Morris shares vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations. Since the beginning TJ has focused on simplicity while inspiring creativity through solving problems with thoughtful guidance and suggestions including branding and product design for entrepreneurs and inventors. Being an Artist and Author TJ began her web presence as a syndicated columnist and graduated to a publisher and webmaster. As a result TJ has launched several brands and associations including the ACE and ACO in the world. TJ has become the advocate for various causes including civil rights while sharing ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. TJ Morris Media is a home for visual storytelling for everyone from brands, artists, authors, co-creators, educators, entrepreneurs, musicians, speakers, radio show hosts, web masters, and people with a creative passion. Theresa’s background is in investigations and getting the unbiased facts as a syndicated columnist. Her passion is ancient history and new conscious thought research of the critical mass mind and internet. TJ now shares computer content, Internet Social Media, publishing as TJ Morris dba ACIR, American Culture Internet Relations in communications, education, information in various topics including ancient history and forteana (anomalous phenomena). Paranormal Romance based on ancient past and new thought teachings with metaphysics is a passion of her writing interests while loving Ancient Mysteries and New Thought Teachings for the Future.Entrepreneur in Breakthrough Advanced Computer Entertainment and Education products and services specialist. International Import export Marketing and Manufacturing Expert. World Traveler over 36 years experience in public relations.


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