Liberty for God’s People in USA

Pyramid Crystal PalaceWe are the cessation of evil and lovers of liberty. We are the children of our forefathers and mothers and will claim the right to defend our land and our freedom for our own progeny.

It is with the power of the almighty God that we all share as our heritage.
We must never forget our purpose on earth is the reason for our own existence.

It is peace and faith that never stops working in our souls which is our strength in our bodies, our minds, our very consciousness of this eternal truth we call life.

We all share the walking dead only if we choose to die a human death alone.
Power is in the love of liberty and of life eternal that fuels our immortal souls.

It is with great humility that we honor the words of our Lord of Earth and our Christ in our own consciousness that gives us our power days to rule our own kingdoms and castles which are our own homes we create for our own families on earth.

We do not betray our God for fear of retaliation in the afterlife for our own souls which carry our own data bases for our terrestrial starting of new worlds which is our legacy our mission and our determination as a species.

Bless all those who know of love and cease the betrayal of our Kind and our King by Favor and our Divine God in us all.

Discover and share the rare condition of knowing your past and your future in your present. God be with us all! Thank the Christ which is our Lord of Earth known as our inhabitable planet shared by our species rules of all plant, animal, mineral as stewards for the divine.

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