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cropped-TJMorris-Radio-SUNRISE.jpgJust learning about one’s own self is a never ending story. We all have something we do well. Mine is making life that seems normal not so much. I write paranormal and am always looking for ways inside the mind. Maybe the study of “US” is a form of old magic. Voodoo is not the important word here but magic is. I have some information that may be shared because it is time to think another way about yourself and your soul! Love is an important part of who we are. I do this in love of humanity.

I also do this for our love of ET or Extraterrestrials. We speak now of our ability to make Alien Contact. How is of the mind and what is the Cosmos Connection? It is our ability to understand our connection with others in space. Alien Civilizations Exist! We are all extraterrestrials spinning around on an orb in space. We are in a space race. We are expanding our own souls and creation so please read on and grasp our intention here on earth. ex·tra·ter·res·tri·al
adjective-ET of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere.
“searches for extraterrestrial intelligence”
a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.
The magic of sharing life with another when one has never met them is a form of alchemy. Haitian Vodou is a syncretic religion practiced chiefly in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora. … Bondye (derived from the French term Bon Dieu, meaning “good God”.

Magic as a noun~the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

“do you believe in magic?”
used in magic or working by magic; having or apparently having supernatural powers.
“a magic wand”
synonyms: supernatural, enchanted, occult
“a magic spell”
Is Voodoo and ET the same as GOD? Words we share in communication is becoming more important in cyberspace. We are learning more each day.

Voodoo can be considered a hypothesis in science and may well be based on our own imaginations ability to bridge the past to the present and expect a future outcome. Food for thought globally may be in cyberspace technology which we examine with our own emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence may be what we are lacking in society as a whole. What if we are here to learn how to handle our emotions as one main ingredient of our eternal soul’s progression. Do you know all the answers about the creator, the back drop of your existence we call a world, and why you are in existence? Fun to think about for most of us. It is a mind thing that when we are caught up in survival as in providing food, clothing, and shelter of our own existence and sometimes our family and loved ones we tend to forget to think about.

This is changing now due to fact that life now as information at our finger tips. Well, in our smart phones anyway. We can Google about any information we want to know about now. I use Google by speaking now into my phone and information instantly appears. It’s a great time to appear to be alive and well on planet earth. Or is it? If we do not know why we are here being alive may not be the end result of our existence. We may have to repeat this life existence once again. Just sayin’!

What if life s nothing more than energy and forever recreating us into existence our of intelligence that is simply bored of expanding into nothingness? What if we learn that in space all we do is expand into nothingness with our own thoughts as creation? Ever wonder what is beyond the beyond in space?

Ginger Parrish Bowers MDS 2016

Ginger Parrish Bowers
MDS 2016

Ginger Bowers has a life with MDS and is an advocate for sharing life of the Spiritual Path. Please contribute to her GO FUND ME at

Thank you. Her mother.

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