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Theresa J Morris
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Americans are citizens of the United States of America. The country is home to people of many different national origins. Americans do not equate their nationality with ethnicity, but with citizenship and allegiance. Although citizens make up the majority of Americans, non-citizen residents, dual citizens, and expatriates may also claim an American identity.


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American Woman Changing

Changes at 65 years by Theresa J Morris

American woman changing is about to change again. I am that American woman changing and I know I count and I matter. Not only does my vote in America count but my sharing my words count as a humanoid sentient intelligent being who has a position to maintain as a member of a social society. I share my future with those who I want to know. I am a woman who owns American Communications Online and have been doing my learning about life online as a hobby even though it seems to be something I look forward to growing. I am wondering if my 17-year-old grandson will be interested in learning about what I do with websites and sharing communication of information online in social media. I do read, write, speak, and enjoy giving encouragement as education in radio shows. I assist in communication online by sharing my life. Small business owners and authors interested in sharing their business are my main clients. The niche market I specialize in is the paranormal, unexplained mysteries of life. This is mainly what I share as a writer and speaker. My enjoyment in life is learning about what drives others to exist. Do we have a soul purpose? I wonder why we live and wonder if there really is just one great architect in the universes who has a handle on what life is to bring into existence for all of us. It appears we are co-creators and we all have imaginations. From what I can experience here on earth, it appears we are to follow a social society with art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and traditions we can share including what interests us in entertainment and hobbies. We work to maintain a lifestyle we choose. We learn to develop skills and talents we can use to expand our life forces. As a child, I was interested in music and dance. I took lessons and my typical American upbringing in middle class America included ballet, tap, piano, and baton. Later I learned to ride horses and jazz ballet. I then learned ballroom and taught for Arthur Murray in Birmingham, Alabama before joining the U.S. Navy and becoming a civil servant. I began first as a teenage mother who had to finish high school with a general equivalency diploma or GED. Then I went to college and entered with psychology and law enforcement so I could get a job as a police officer which was my goal. My grandfather was a police officer and then a truck driver. I too became a truck driver and went to all lower 48 states. The government sent me to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and I loved it there. Two of my four daughters came to visit me and one brother before he passed away due to acquired immune deficiency. I was driven to share a spiritual path in life based on the WHY of who we are and why we are here.

My mother taught me that, “We are the Author of our own Life Story!” This is a great way to live and the philosophy she passed down to her children which was passed down to her from her grandmother was to “Live and Let Live.” Her grandmother was a school teacher and taught with only an 8th grade education which was the acceptable level in her time to become a teacher. My Great-grandmother was the mother of twelve children. Mother had seven and I had four. I watched American women change throughout my 65 years. My children and grandchildren are struggling Americans. We hardly have enough food money and gas money for cars to get to work. Why has this happened to American families? Who is maintaining the maintainers of our American way of life? The government? We as individuals need to want what all humans want. A better existence. My mother graduated high school in 1950 as did my father and they were married which was common to do in that time. They then got college courses and mothers was in secretarial school including short hand and my fathers was in shop doing metal working then he late in life went back to get his degree in mathematics and minor in culinary arts. Jobs and careers always was what was driving the family and the American dream was alive when I was born December 26, 1951. I want to see America have a middle class that can be maintained as a basic level with home, good transportation, and a good affordable budget. Americans should be able to see the world and travel. We need jobs that can maintain a basic middle class existence with enough money left over to invest, save and enjoy an annual family vacation. We should all work toward a common critical mass mind set to allow the entire world population to enjoy life and out of poverty. Having goals are important to life. Who runs the world? Men or men and women? The hand that rocks the cradle of humanity must be recognized and American women as all women have a place on earth. My mother was a freelance writer. She studied until she died and believed in EBooks. She did articles for magazines and newspapers in Houston, Texas. She loved being a mother of seven children. She had worked at Olin Mathieson and Geospace Corporation as a secretary. A professionally dressed woman in her time in the 1960’s. Working a woman’s position as a secretary. My grandmother had a career as a PBX operator and was always wearing a headset and when she retired from Olin Mathieson they retired her headset with her. My idea of a woman was as a working woman. I wanted to be a working woman and looked forward to the future. My father’s mother was a great cook and stay at home Mother and I figured that she lived in the last generation of a woman being kept barefoot and pregnant at home to cook for her man and chillun’s was over with in the 1950’s. I never knew her to work outside the home but I saw her scrub clothes on a wash board and hang on a line outside. My grandfather made a good living and owned his own home and land before he passed away leaving four children that were in their 20’s. I was only 3 when he passed away. I never knew my grandfathers and this continues for my own grandchildren now. Men don’t live long and we are a maternal driven family now in America. We send out sons to die in combat for some odd reason. I had four daughters and what I am doing in life may mean sharing who I am with others. I don’t have all the answers and the more I learn the more I learn how much I really do not know about life and the world. But, I shall keep learning because there is an inquisitive part of me I call spirit that interests me most. It is the driving force that makes me want to know more about all life. The more I experience life the more I see changing and the longer I live I figure the more I will know. I have written many books but only for myself on Amazon and the only one that was “Roswell UFO Encounters” and I did write that with the encouragement of my husband because I was always asking him about our “Men in Black” affairs. I was wanting to know more. I want to encourage everyone to live and change and to enjoy the changes which is the only constant I seem to find in life. Life is change and how we adapt to change is what defines our own being. We will learn that all life has a life cycle and how we live is based on our own interests in life that appears to be what drives our thoughts to propel us to move beyond the normal motor driven skills to keep us alive with food, clothing, shelter, and even transportation. Communication in today’s modern society has another level of existence in cyberspace. Social media is inside the electronics shared in our communication devices. We want to know and we want to communicate. My youngest of four daughters has acquired MDS which is myelodysplastic syndrome a precursor to Leukemia which my mother had been diagnosed with a form of before she died May 4, 2011. I lost my father December 9, 2011. I had lost two brothers who died before my parents. My first husband died and my last husband died December 2, 2015 and I don’t want to lose my daughter. It appears that even though I personally died with Hepatitis in the second grade, and again on January 27, 1974 with placenta previa and bleeding out then having a caesarean section to have this last of my four daughters and going to the other side does not really give me any more insight to life than others have. I have had UFO sightings where one bright white sphere low in the sky set still with many people watching and two red orbs came shooting out and then I had sightings of the black triangles with no sound coming over me with my children and when I was alone. This made me more interested in our alien communication. It appears to me we are being visited from time to time by people who have much more technology and they seem to be interested in some people more than others. We had some intuitive abilities passed down to the women in our family. Maybe even the men but they never mention i.e. still want to know more about life and why we exist. We are women of change and I gave birth to four daughters who are all beautiful both inside and out. Now I have twelve grandchildren and they are having children now. Getting older allows us to see how people come and go in our lives. What’s it all about for an American woman? Change…

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American Woman Changing

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