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Dueling Worlds by Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris

Is it weird to sit on your bed and look out the window at the sky? I am at home in Gulf Breeze, Florida on a beautiful breezy day called October 2, 2017. I just got back from a short trip into Pensacola, Florida. I joined Planet Fitness as a black card member which allows me to go to any Planet Fitness in USA and to bring a friend. I also went and bought a book at the Books a Million in the same shopping center. My regular way of treating myself to just a day of me has for the last 10 years included going to Books A Million. Books have always been my friends. I worked in the elementary school library as a child. My librarian was named Ms. Townsend until she got married. I wonder if she knows how many lives she touched?

I hope I can touch someone’s life with the story I am about to share of my life experiences. It is like being in a world that is constantly changing here on earth. I have many chapters in my life story. One that my girlfriend Janet Lynn Thompson Lessin of Maui, Hawaii would like me to share. I fin that there are many people like me who she keeps introducing me too n my own radio shows. Janet and I do live radio shows live which are recorded on Blog Talk Radio and Revolution Radio. We decided to get to know each other although she was in Hawaii and I was on the mainland in the USA. We have been doing this type of communication online since 2007. She and I had an interest in UFOS and Extraterrestrials. We were exploring each other’s life stories and decided to share in an event called Stargate to the Cosmos. Maybe we are meant to tell this story before we have a large gathering of people who all share in our knowing that “Alien Civilizations Exit!”.  This is my battle cry. My mission was to establish the Ascension Center on earth. I have done this. Well sort of in cyberspace at least. The name has now been used with the catholic church and medical centers. I know I owned the first Ascension Center name in cyberspace as a .com, and a .org. Janet has it now as a .net and she asked permission to share that name.