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American Communications Online, 2018 woman owned

To whom it may concern: As of April 5,2018, TJ Morris Radio is now under ownership of the company American Communications Online Under the Fictitious Name Law in the State of Florida, County of Santa Rosa County, LEGAL# 42291, GULF BREEZE NEWS 5/17/2018 Legal Advertising. Paid by Theresa J Morris $43.75. Notice is hereby given

ACO Mission Theresa J Morris

Allied Command Organization UFO Secret Space Command Theresa J Morris Founder Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) Association. International growth through communication, education, entertainment, recreational leisure, tourism. Includes medical tourism for health and wellness, archaeological spiritual  site-seeing. ACO Self-help, education awareness, care givers health and wellness community  interested in medical tourism. Authors, independent owner operators, entrepreneurs, practitioners, researchers,

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American Communications Online Theresa J Morris