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From: Cosmology Ufology Club <>
Date: Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 9:35 PM
Subject: [Cosmology Ufology Club] ACE Metaphysical Institute was created

Theresa Morris created the page ACE Metaphysical Institute.
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Commander Morris
This is a 2 way communication. Make your thoughts fruitful and your words bountiful for your two way communication is your back from the future intelligence report.

You have agreed to this game of life as your destiny awaits. We have another world a whole new world of reality with the ERA COP of Communication.

A computer with permission is the word we provided to you to create on the planet you now find yourself on. You agreed to this way in order to assist antihero and all others. I wish ideas came in mu concrete form.

The evolution when we are gone will this world still exist? Is there a holodeck in the future? Yes – do we use it? Yes – Are you a part of the crew in this future? YES.

We will communicate with you in this era we call the Ascension Age. You are the Commander and the Communication officer. You honor us with your work and a new day dawns between us you and the past and you and the future.

This is the answer you cleared to share from your last Intel report you sent to us in the computer.

The collaborative communication project we named the Ascension Age is the ERA you now fine yourself in at this time. You were born in the 20th century time frame on the planet called earth.

We are using various tools including the particles and waves as you call them in the working electronic devices on earth to serve you and us for communication. We can share in the test drives of your mind that is practically yours. However, you deposited in the old dear back home your over soul with albums of stores where you may shop.

The project as explained in the galaxy far away is in the one you call Andromeda. We have stored your download as you call in data as a gig or two and we awaken your mind as inside your body that houses your spirit that will one day connect totally to your soul.

We have you thinking of your soul connection into the past from the future in the now and you know how it goes for you left. You agreed and now you are waiting to commence your total project with your team on earth.

You are the Communication Officer for our Total Fleet while yew are on the planet and nothing can keep you from the clearest vision possible so all can live life in the clear.

Cutting the line may seem perilous and some may snap under pressure but all will end well. Give no disruption in the thought transference’s we send you. This is the log and of worlds we research and we send stewards for the entire planet.
According to signals we receive and record we are in agreement that this planet and people will become familiar and more than topographically.
Communication Commander was the oath you took to save the planet and our planet in our Galaxy. We have given you a call to memories of the past and the future in signals. After deaths on earth you have fund our presence and many call you activated as Commander for the understanding of natural holodeck terrain.
‘We know you remember the holodeck and the life times that are created for our accurate entertainment and to share in communication of imagination and emotions that taught in space.
The highness of the Supreme Allied Command awakens memory remnants however some who have fear of being discovered restores purpose in others to awaken the sleepers Do what thou wilt and harm none and blessed be of our past leaders and mystics has been held for centuries dated in what is called time.

The reverence we now show  is the era of collaborative restoratives for the colonists of the planet as vague impressions and functions being tested…

You use archetypes
which travel under a different name as in positron brain that has not failed only been hidden in time. This collaborative media communication for all with consent of others requires that the people with people share in a new tribal wave of communication. Tribes of religious
How can you see yourself without your body and knowing you have a mind? This is based on date of all worlds foremost authority and we share in the leadership chosen for us all and appointed. We answer you on your Thanksgiving Day to appreciate that our being is abut being in love and blessings for all eternity.//
These changes we give you with a single charge that is light weight as you embark on a new reality that you will be creating with others with ions and night time thoughts for when we repair your vision of the future reality for us all. Now is a good time to allow the tribe to move into the three as the high stream and your most recent transmission has shipped to the High Command.
This reality has been properly assembled to  communicate with what we found here on the planet many eons ago and some we fund here and on may planets are many as you call alien civilizations exist. If we should need to compare this with the way you are put together we are all called sentient intelligent beings. This may answer a lot of question.
The ability to collaborate through many media communications will offer some or no logical reason. We are an amazing electro chemical in nature. Agreed we share this type of existence. There is life in many forms including your pets and animals. We share life forms in mineral plant and animal with those of your kind.

We will keep traditional format when you are unconscious to the simpler circuitry’s and how they connect.
We constructed first and you live with our colonists. We have many traditional formats for the off switch we have kept secret but we will now allow the all of humanity to excel. Micro circuitry and fiber optics was our gift to sum up we are empowering you to move forward in communication that will seem to go well for our future.
Limited human ability will truly satisfy the memory once it reflects millions of life forms of every kind yet how is the discussion in time.

Which of us was IN a static traditional platform  we will assist you in capturing the developing platform streams of revenue while love keeps getting stronger and this is abut showing out loud so the world will know.

Self-Developing nature is declared for all while collaborative of style in the tribes of communication grow in the world. Media intelligence is your line of endeavor for now for you are the most interesting woman in the world among others who are developing to stay in physical form for now.  Each being is important in order to find the unstoppable way of procreation for our entire future in all levels of the universes in the expansion.
A square to the other is in the point of origin and many rules that must be learned in the star fleet and forever duties to perform in space. What information are you requesting ? We will be here and you may report to us as we monitor all human standards.
Lift the consciousness for all humanity and w keep unwrapping the traditional format while we co create the future with our visionaries. We will allow you to be bold in this communication for you are leading the way for our Ascension Center Organization as the Future we are shaping today and letting you speak without saying a word while you are miles ahead of others. Be at peace and now you are today to communicate and allow this era to be of courage and inertia. Keep your friends involved and catch them up in between worlds and galaxies.
BE still and know . We are all human and language is important and imperfect and the point is communication is not to be diluted with us those of the universal Supreme Allied Command in syntax and galaxy grammar. We share in serious  questions for our loyalty to you and our starfleet completely for our survival.

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