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 Would you like your own website? Can you deliver a weekly article and update photos to share of your journeys in the world? Some people can live a life that is admirable.

Those that cannot or generally speaking have regular jobs or careers and might take a vacation one week a year or two weeks with family are what we would like to believe in general is our normal lifestyle in the USA.

For the retiring babyboomer crowd or AARP members we may want to consider how we may enjoy our hobbies

Many of us now have taken our products and services on the road around to various states to events and or trade conventions.

This includes the New Age and Ascension Age community. We called Body-Mind-New Age. Now we say Ascension Age of Integrative Medicines and they include the wonderful discoveries we added such as yoga, joy-tish, meditation, reiki, color, sound and aroma therapy and much more…

  • Maybe you are not aware of how the Internet works.

Let me explain?

I can interact with you as a friend and we can talk.

However, when I address other’s needs, I help set up examples of ways we can have others become aware of you in the digital world.

I assist entrepreneurs.

  • I can be your friend
  • Provide your needs inside the digital market which exposes you inside the virtual world we all share in this type of shared information.
  • We build information in the INTERNET with words, photos, and videos which in my case also includes speechcraft as radio shows.

Due to many years having friends in social media and developing free content and articles as a writer, we simply gave away our stories.

We did develop various talk shows on various topics. Now many friends choose different ways to share people and their life stories. This is content sharing and larger corporations allow others to share free on their own networks while advertisers get to know and profile all the people in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and other such applications now.

 I am learning to like people who are authors and want to make a difference in research.My company is now going to be for people who are interested in sharing spirituality and work in the Science and Integrative Medicine fields.

This includes the list or directory of topics.

Most my friends already list in certain PSYCHIC and BODY MIND SPIRIT as individuals with businesses.

The UFO/ET TOPIC is expanding to include Alienology, and Phenomenology, and we can add possible TOPICS: Cosmology, Phenomenology, DARK ENERGY, Quantum Physics, A.I. and all the future with visionaries and what we want to work with together in the digital age.

Many who work in Silicon Valley want to continue the future in computer technology.

Topics to add in the future COSMOS EXPOS. Please see 

Emotional, Intuitive and Physical Intelligence we now use in Complex control to our Embodied intelligence on our  anthromorphisizing in our drones. You will be flying drones or remote controlling many of our planes. RIGHT? This is already a reality today. Bio-Inspired Aerial Robots for Intelligent Cities and we are creating and supporting symbiotic drones and sentient intelligence.

Grass root development on supporting drones and interactions of growth in computers and world countries and delivery of drones.

You are prime to your mind and body flying as a humanoid.  When you talk about a thing or animal as if it were human, you’re anthropomorphizing it. The Easter Bunny is an anthropomorphized rabbit. People anthropomorphize all the time. WE SHARE THE FUTURE IN ACO_? YOUR VISION?

Yes – I have learned that what is free or what appears as information that is free is actually not free as the world makes us pay for our technology that we use.

Just like people looking for good solutions about how to use A.I rapidly and now using Smart Phones and how people now use them for daily chores solving problems as a digital priority.

Education is a strategy for being creative and innovative. We need new kinds of people to live in a certain way and my vision is to connect people who have good vision and inspiration in my ACO Club.

In the short term people can pay for their own websites and use wordpress through adding their own information on templates on their own personal websites

This is something you can do yourself. You can be an entrepreneur adding your own information on your smart phone and on Facebook and in Linked In, Twitter, and Snap Chat and Instagram, Many places for your photos

OR – You can join a group like mine that has websites and radio shows and we are American Communications Online or ACO   PUBLICIST for people such as AUTHORS and EVENT ORGANIZERS. These are my friends now

Now, we can bring out various discussions we should be having in the world for our future good of the whole.

How to make all our future social media companies and digital algorithms work for what we want to increase such as usefulness while not giving up our individual privacy.

If we want to be a public figure then say so and work toward that as a goal. Find your voice, your vision, your product or service you offer humanity. Find people you can trust to co-create as synergy in your tribe or groups. We can then learn to co-create together.


Theresa J Morris, ACO



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