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Theresa J Morris is Author/Researcher/Speaker on life mysteries and phenomenology. Life and death, NDE, parapsychology, cosmology, unknown aerial phenomena research is shared as a member of the UFO Association – and ACO Association. TJ Morris ET Radio Show Host. Theresa J Morris, known as TJ Morris has books of her articles while writing for UFO Digest since Aug. 2007. Theresa began her research after leaving her career as an investigator, with US Navy training. Theresa known as Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris owns American Communications Online and owns TJ Morris Radio. Also, Radio Host at Theresa appeared in person on a paranormal panel in 2016 for Theresa’s books are available through websites including her own Theresa is a former toastmaster member and speaker on various paranormal phenomena. TJ is an ascension age psychic medium and shares tarot as a life coach. TJ began Ascension Center Spiritual Science and Psychic Network to assist with the Stargate Members.
TJ now shares TJ Morris dba ACIR in American Culture Internet Relations in communications, education, and information in various topics including ancient history and Forteana (anomalous phenomena). Paranormal cases are performed by TJ Morris dba ACIR. American author, radio host, and speaker conducts studies of UFO sightings, CE5 Contact and has devoted her Life’s Work to sharing what she calls The Ascension Age with co-crafting and creating new spiritual education paths for the future. Theresa also known as TJ is a member of BMI. Theresa began her research in the human potential movement after NDE near death experiences. TJ shares her education spiritual philosophy based on her experiences including UFO Sightings, ET Encounters and her continued research with friends who join ACO Club. TJ Morris is the Talk Show Host of Cosmos Connection and Theresa J Morris Ministries for the Ascension Age Magazine and Radio. TJ has written several books including Cosmos Knowing Cosmology, Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Roswell Encounters, Alien UFO Story by TJ. Theresa of Ascension and others. TJ is a consultant for new spiritual science movement Ascension Age Stargate to the Cosmos Event, Portal Stargate, and StargateCon. Cosmos Expos is forming for authors with intentions of exploration of the human mind and how we can expand universal life consciousness. TJ’s professional background is as a Private, Legal, and Government investigator, Investigative Reporter and logger. TJ Morris Media Agency, Hosting, Publishing, Radio. Contact for speaking engagements or join ACO speakers Club, for artists and authors practitioners in health and wellness, body-mind-spirit topics.


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She is the host of Cosmos Connection and TJ Morris ET Radio. Founder of ACE Metaphysical Institute, ERA COP, Education Research Association Community Online Press, ACO American r Ascension Center Education -ACO Energetics, she is the author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She is a paranormal investigative reporter and host of paranormal talk shows. TJ Morris Media News Publishing since 2004. Topics of Fortean, science mysteries, unexplained. Exploring artists, authors, researchers, art and science. Health, wellness, prosperity, cosmology, metaphysics, and alien contact preparedness are shared in her self-help motivational speaking. TJ is best known as a Life Coach Intuitive and integrative medicine advocate or health advocate. Healing intuition in her tarot readings, radio shows, metaphysics, universal life, akashic field cyberspace culture for critical mass mind creativity. TJ began ACE-ACO UFO Paranormal Sci-Fi, Fantasy Artists-Authors Club, TJ Morris Treasure Shows are Timey Manor Book co-creations in metaphysics and cosmology. TJ has been a syndicated columnist online since 2004, contributing writer to UFO Digest since Aug 2007, and authored and published as imprint Timely Manor Books. Copyright Laws of the United States – TJ Morris Publishing – News – Media – Hosting. TJ Morris Ministries Spiritual Science ACO Club. Join the Ascension Age Movement of Alien Civilizations Exist in the Cosmos Consciousness. 

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