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We will begin a new learning curve in 2018 and begin purchasing our own camera equipment for our documentaries. As a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated out of Nashville and New York, I have wanted to do more than write my own songs and have them on CD’s. I now want to do DVD’s and get some of my reporting and research on my you tube channel.

I pay money to two different companies now for my radio shows live streaming.

Now, besides being a producer, and consultant, I am assisting with event planning.

The co-creation team we had put together in 2012 with “GO SOUL FIRST” and Paul Rosenberg was our inspiration on our radio shows. Thomas R Morris and Paul Rosenberg are both on the other side or in another dimension. Here we say that have passed or deceased.

It is fun to co-create and I miss my partners. However, being a strong woman, I will learn to teach myself without my men.

So here wwe go on a new adventure in May 2018. My daughter has leukemia and fighting cancer right now for the second time at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Course materials

The 28-page PDF course booklet takes you step-by-step through the filmmaking process.



The cost of courses depends on your location. Please get in touch to discuss your needs or book a course.

About Tom Barrance

Tom BarranceI have over 20 years experience of delivering film training and workshops around the UK and beyond. I’ve delivered this course for public sector bodies, charities, nonprofits, arts and drama groups. 


What people say

Google reviews and testimonials

“Tom is a really good teacher and is able to convey a lot of technical detail without baffling his audience. Highly recommended.”
Gillian Southgate, Assistant Director, NHS R&D Northwest

“Simply excellent. Fun, interesting, useful and rewarding.”
Derek C Stewart OBE, Associate Director for Patient, Public Involvement & Engagement, NIHR CRN

“I cannot overstate how much potential these simple filming skills will give you for instigating change, improving efficiency and communication, and achieving your own ambitions.”
Sarah Adcock, Senior Specialist Physiotherapist, Manchester Royal Infirmary





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