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ACO ministries a non-denominational church online

fundraising for a 501(c) 3 established online for communication of spiritual education

Education (minister education)

We share the Ascension Age and Articles and By-Laws of the Ascension Center Organization in the United States of America. We are considered Metaphysical Ministers who specialize in Cosmology. ACO Club are for members in a support group of Authors, Free Agents, Consultants, and Organizers in the USA.

  • Such as men’s ministry, women’s ministry, youth ministry, kids ministry, singles and campus ministries, married couples ministry,  faith in God as non-denominational because it gives each congregation member of different backgrounds and age groups to have a chance to fellowship with people in a closer life group to them.
  • Spirituality and identification streaming and archiving in communication resources online as as internet online church for non-denominational people who desire to belong to a support community.
  • Authors of books in  education, self-help, metaphysical, spirituality, and spiritual science, science and biographies.
  • Researchers of the truth in ancient cultures origin and future technology

Leaders and pastoral agents

  • Universal Life Ministers
  • Life Coaches and Counselors
  • Ministers of Divinity with a calling by God


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