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We are so blessed to be aware and receive the gifts of creativity from each of these Planes. 

The Planes of Existence have veils between them and are divided into degrees, systems and numerous sub-categories. In many “New Age/Thought” writings, the Planes of Existence are often referred to as dimensions. This is misguided. In the vastness and understanding of Creation, dimensions actually exist within the 6th Plane–the Laws of Creation, and there are millions of dimensions. When you hear, “we are rising our frequency to the 5th dimension”, what this is really saying is that we are becoming aware of our deep connection to the 5th Plane–the Masters, Angels, & Guides–releasing the beliefs of duality so that we really remember and claim our magnificence (without being egoic/egotistical). 

In working with the Planes, we are actually sourcing from more than one Plane at a time–a marriage of the Planes. Each Plane has an interchangeable consciousness which works with other Planes. The example below, is a very linear awareness of the Planes. The energy of Creation is really spiraling.

The First Plane of Existence: is where molecules come together to form non-carbon based matter. This is the Mother Earth power. Examples of the 1st Plane elements are rocks, minerals, crystals, and Earth (soil). Taking mineral supplements such as calcium and magnesium, are provided from this Plane and give support to our physical structure/bodies. 
     The interchanging of consciousness between the Planes is exemplified  through the connection of rock being composed of slow moving atoms. Atoms come from the Sixth Plane awareness–the Laws of Creation.
     Water, which exists and works on the first three planes, is charged from electrons created at the 6th Plane. 
The Second Plane of Existence: is the first time the molecules coalesce with carbon.  This Plane includes Organic matter– plants (live off Light and air and are highly evolved), herbs, trees, vitamins, viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus. A sacred dance is created between the Plant Beings along with the Earth/Air Spirits to interconnect between the First and Third Plane of Existence. As mentioned from the First Plane, water resonates at this level as well. 
The Third Plane of Existence: is an illusion, the reality being what we, as humans, create in it. It is playground to work with emotions, passion and creative thought forms. It is a place to learn to control our thoughts and master our fears as fear is the only thing that keeps us thinking that we are bound to this illusion and separate from All-That-Is. The more beliefs we change through All-That-IS, the faster we can shift through all the Planes freely, no longer bond by Karma (the Law of Cause and Effect from the 6th Plane). Animals also exist in this Plane. 
Between Third and Fourth: is where waywards (discarnate spirits) get “stuck” between the Earth and the electromagnetic grid/energy (again, part of the Laws of Universe–6th plane). 
The Fourth Plane of Existence: is where totems (animal spirits), shapeshifters, and many ancestors’ spirits reside. People who work constantly on this Plane are called Shamans. It is the plane where the soul waits to take form again (reincarnate) and genetic beliefs get passed on. Language originates from the Fourth Plane and is used by Third Plane inhabitants. There was a time when we once could hear and see all–we would just “know” without the use of language.
     Many limiting belief systems come from this Plane.
“I have to give up my senses–eyes, ears, voice etc–to heal.” 
“I have to suffer to learn/grow.” 
“The more power I get, the weaker my body becomes.”
“To embrace punishment shows my strength.” 
“I must die and return to spiritually grow.”
“It’s  impossible to heal others for money, only trade.” 
     These programs show why certain Shamans feel they must take on the ailments of their sick ones. With the changing of our thought constructs, these deep commitments no longer have to be created or accepted as the Highest Truth. 
The Fifth Plane of Existence: is the astral plane based in dualism–of both love and fear, where the battle of good and evil (or extreme adversity) is fought and replicated on the Third Plane. It is a very divided realm with a clear separation between the “Upper” and “Lower” aspects of this realm. There are the High vibratory energies who live at the “Upper spectrum” like the Higher Self, Gods, Goddesses, Guardian Angels, Legions of Celestial Angels, Master Angles, Guides, Christ, Buddha, Jehovah, Yahweh, Heavenly Mother and Father, and the Councils of 12 (heads of soul family gatherings). Then there are the “lower” 5th Plane realms of the Fallen Angels, demons, nephilums, Satan, Belzabub etc. These divisions do not intermingle among each other though they are very aware of their existences. More about these Realms are in the Advanced Earthling Book. 
     Ancient history commitments such as Oaths and Vows of poverty, chastity, celibacy are found on this Plane. 
     Examples of beliefs from this Plane are: trading one’s power for another, having to prove oneself right or battle against an opposing force with sacrifice. 
“Transitions have to be dramatic/ hard/ difficult.” 
“I have to be alone to be close to God” 
“I have to suffer to prove myself to God.” 
“I have to punish myself to grow and progress.”
” I have to sacrifice my life to save the world.”
“I have to sacrifice myself to know I’m loved by others.”
“I need pain to gain.”
“I go through hell and high water to live each day.”
“I have to battle evil.” 
“I’m a warrior/warriors that has to fight for God.” 
The Sixth Plane of Existence: involves the Laws of Creation which regulate and balance the very fabric of Creation-pure Truth and accountability without any polarity or adversarial position. There are billions of Laws some of which are Light (color), Sound (tone), Karma (cause and effect), Attraction, Justice, Wisdom, Balance, Gravity, Magnetics, and Electricity. This Plane also includes the formation and awareness of numbers, which can be expressed as patterns and symbols (astrology and numerology).  Under the Law of Time is actually Dimensions, sacred geometry, and the Akashic Records. There is no Law of Love as Love just IS.
The Seventh Plane of Existence: IS Pure Love, Always Conscious and the Highest Truth. It just IS. IT was. IT will always be. The realm of The Creator, All-That-Is, ALL of Creation creates all the other Planes as IT exists throughout everything. In Earthling, we have been given a meditation that allows us to ‘remember’ our connection to this All-That-Is-Creation, as there is no possible way we were or have ever been disconnected from IT. Yet, it’s one of our greatest fears that show up in the belief work.     
     In being aware of working from this connection, we can witness the gathering of energy and how it is utilized to co-create with the Creator-of-All–to manifest spontaneously, to witness instant healings, to change any thought form (illusion) with the absolute energy of love and joy immediately. It is “The Awakened State.” 
     The more people who tap into the Group Collective Consciousness to witness change at this Seventh Plane, the easier it will be to shift human consciousness. We can evolve together and have instantaneous healings all the time.
Alternative Names for the Seven Planes or Worlds
The emotional plane (2) is often incorrectly called the “astral plane”. The term “astral” was first used in the 19th century to describe the fact that three times as many stars are visible with “higher sight”. But night does not exist in the emotional world because emotional-plane light can pass through the Earth unhindered, so no stars are visible. It is etheric sight that allows three times as many stars to be seen, so the “astral” plane actually refers to the etheric plane. The divine plane (6) is often incorrectly called the monadic plane, because Theosophists mistakenly believe the third triad to be the monad. Figure 11b lists some of other names that the seven planes of the solar system are known by. These subtle worlds are not “places” that exist somewhere else; they are all around us, all the time.

Figure 10b – Various Names for the Seven Planes
 Introduction to the Seven Planes
A “plane” refers to all the matter in the universe that is formed from a particular type of atom. For example, the mental plane is the sum total of all the matter that is formed out of 3-atoms. In contrast, a “world” refers to the portion of matter of a particular plane that is associated with a planet. For example, the mental world is the sphere of mental matter that surrounds and interpenetrates the Earth. This chapter describes the subtle worlds that surround the Earth, but much of the information can also be applied to the subtle planes in general.
Chapter 3 stated that a galaxy is a series of 49 interpenetrating spheres of matter from all 49 planes, and that a solar system is a series of 7 interpenetrating spheres of matter from 7 planes. Continuing along the same lines, a planet is a series of 3 interpenetrating spheres of matter from 3 planes (physical-etheric, emotional and mental-causal).
Like human beings, the Earth has five bodies (or worlds) composed of five types of matter (causal, mental, emotional, etheric and physical). The other visible planets in the solar system are all similarly constructed, but there are also invisible planets that are in the process of “incarnating” and don’t have a “physical body” yet. It is strange to think of planets as living entities but they are; they just belong to a different evolutionary path than ours. The Earth is the only planet in the solar system that is, has been, or ever will be, home to physical life, but all planets (physical and non-physical) are home to subtle life-forms at some time or another – that is why they exist.
When a planet “dies” its bodies dissolve just as ours do. The Moon is a dead planet and the ball of rock we see in the night sky is its dead physical body, which will take billions of years to breakdown. Planets are spherical because their various grades of matter are concentrically arranged around the ensouling monad. Our physical world includes the solid planet, the liquid oceans and the gaseous atmosphere. The subtle worlds interpenetrate the physical world just as water interpenetrates the soil, but each successively higher subtle world also extends further out into space, beyond the atmosphere. The emotional world is known to extend half way to the Moon, and the mental and causal worlds considerably further.
The lower subplanes of the subtle worlds are nearer to the surface of the Earth and the higher subplanes are farther out. The Earth’s subtle bodies are largely contained within its physical body, as are our own. The lowest emotional subplane (2:1) is in alignment with the lowest physical subplane (1:1), which corresponds to solid physical matter. All of the Earth’s solid matter (1:1) is below our feet, and so is most of the 2:1 matter. The lowest emotional subplane (2:1) is known as the “underworld” because it is literally underneath the world. So “hell” is literally inside the Earth – more on that later in the chapter.
Figure 10a shows the Buddhist names and characteristics for the subplanes of the physical, emotional and mental planes. I wouldn’t take the bodily heights or life-spans too literally, but they do give an idea of the increased spatial dimensions and faster perception of time associated with the higher planes. The word “dhyana” means meditation, indicating that certain advanced beings on the mental plane create and sustain “forms” using the power of their minds. The levels of “focus” (21 to 35) are the terms Robert Monroe used to identify the various subplanes he explored in his out-of-body experiences. There are seven subplanes within each plane, yet only six are accessible to human beings. This is because our subtle bodies only contain molecules (e.g. 2:1–2:6) and not atoms (e.g. 2:7), so we can’t perceive the seventh subplane. Consequently, we experience brief periods of unconsciousness when we pass through the seventh subplanes of the etheric and emotional worlds (either during sleep or after physical death). Purgatory, Paradise and Heaven are realms that we pass through after physical death, and these will be explained later in the chapter.
Frederick Myers was a professor of Classics at Cambridge University over a century ago. In 1882 he founded the first Society for Psychical Research. He was greatly into automatic writing and communications with the spirit world through mediums and clairvoyants. Myers collected contacts with the dead from around the world and compared it, finding similar themes even though the contacts came from different cultures/peoples, etc. 

Interesting thoughts from Frederick Myers on the planes of existence for out of body souls. 
(I am not advocating them … I’m just posting this for those who are interested ) 

First plane – the Earth plane. Far denser than the astral planes. Lower vibrations. Out of body souls on this plane are those you would think of as ghosts or hauntings. Those attached to physical cravings like sex and drugs or even intense attachments to certain people stay on this plane. Those who can’t accept that they have died so they wander the Earth or stay attached to where it is familiar from life. Some know they have died but fear moving on because of the ‘bad life’ they have lead and they fear Hell. So they stay on Earth. 

Second plane – the Astral plane. Two main levels. The lower astral plane is dark and eerie. Buddhists call it ‘Bardo’. Catholics call it ‘Purgatory’. Edgar Cayce called it ‘the Plane of Darkness’. Souls here are cut off from love and hope. They go through a period of intense reflection. Many are there because they didn’t believe anything would follow death so they were greeted with ‘nothing’ that reflects what they expected. The upper level of the Astral plane is lighter and more of a halfway station between Earth and the spirit world. It’s a traveling plane. 

Third plane – Plane of Illusion – very similar to Earth. Beautiful and peaceful Earth like setting. People live in houses and ‘work’. Eat, drink, and carry on in an idealized version of Earth. No sickness. Every pleasure the heart desires is crested by the mind and satisfied. Want cake? Poof … your mind makes a cake appear…. that kind of thing. The majority of souls here have manifested their environment on this level to mirror their religious beliefs on Earth. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy. Example – a Catholic expects to see golden gates and St. Peter open them .. then that manifests at this level. A Muslim man expects to be greeted by a bunch of virgin women serving him grapes on a golden platter … then that manifests at this level. A Baptist might expect to have a city filled with only Baptists … so that’s what he finds there. This sounds great but it really is stagnant. The soul must either return to earth to learn and grow, or it has to learn to move on to the fourth plane and grow. 

Fourth plane – World of Idealized Form. All desires for Earthly contact disappear. The soul explores beyond the confines of the earthly plane. Expands thoughts and knowledge. Not held down by wants of sex or chocolate cake or “Baptist only’ cloud cities … or whatever else that was considered ‘heavenly’ in the third plane. Reincarnation is no longer necessary. The soul is free of dogmas and rigid intellectual structures. Freedom to access energies not available in the planes lower than this. This is the plane that the soul is finding true freedom on. 

Fifth plane – Plane of Flame. The soul takes on the body of a flame. (or something like a flame). It can travel the universe (universes) without any physical or spiritual harm. It can grow in understanding and while it still retains it’s individuality, it becomes part of a ‘group soul’. My own thought on group soul … spirits who vibrate at the same level and/or who are at the same level of understanding of the universe, etc will naturally be drawn together. 

Sixth Plane – Plane of Light. Evolved souls. Souls here have lived through all aspects of the created universe and have completed their growth process. They have no need for matter or form and exist purely as ‘white light’. Emotion is absent. They are so in line with the creator that they become the pure thought of the creator. (this actually matches up to what some of the Catholic saints have said … about souls in heaven becoming so instep with God that they almost disappear and that they are joined to God. The Catholic church doesn’t talk about all these planes, but some of what is being said is similar to St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila, etc) 

Seventh Plane – Plane of the Spirit Realm – The domain of God (or the Creator). The soul here looses form and becomes One with God.

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