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Theresa J Morris
TJ Morris Agency
TJ Morris dba ACIR
Member BMI
Broadcast Music – TJ Thurmond Morris
260 Carolyn Lane, Beaver Dam, KY 42320
(270) 274-6707
ACE Designers

Designers are also obsessed with clear communication.

TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio -

TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio –

They observe and obsess over misunderstandings, mistranslations, misappropriations, and missed connections, looking for possible solutions, especially when language doesn’t feel sufficient. Coupled with this is usually a restless desire for order to fix things. Very helpful when it comes to organizing.
ACE Designers have a need for completing things, revealing relationships, and simplifying complicated things.
We know now that students in life who enjoy the more verbal, conceptual, and visual side of mathematics often make good designers.
ACE design requires both introversion and extroversion.
A good designer is able to really get close to a problem or project and can work long hours alone towards a solution.
ACE designer is an expert in reading people and navigating the needs and desires of a client to eventually shape the experience of the end user.
ACE Designers requires a sense of observation. We are natural analysts and observers in life.
ACE Metaphysical Institute Designers feel like fulfilling voids.
Space creators share in cocreating designs with self and others. One interest is not enough. An interest in language may point the way towards a life crafting words.
ACE Metaphysicians find solace and interest in order and structure.
Some of our ACE Metaphysicians lead an engineering career. An interest in making meaningful things may lead to studying art. An interest in people may lead to studying sociology, psychology, economics, or business. And any combination of these interests will find a home in design. Join today! Ace Metaphysical Institute.


To remove rejected members or parts from (a herd, for example). n. Something picked out from others, especially something rejected because of inferior quality.

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