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Ascension Age Awakening to the Empathy & Compassion in Loving Kindness and awareness without judgment without action or share the information and wisdom for solutions.

Useful development compassion – “Mindful Self and Compassion for Seelf and Others ” 1/2 day retreat of mindfulness and turn to your suffering to adapt cultivation and mindfulness.

We explain compassion is not self-pity aqnd self-indulgence – Loving and Kindness Meditations. Helping to remember hands on heart and say some praises.Theresa J Morris 12cropped-cosmos-connection.jpgcropped-cropped-ACE_Life_Coach_Cover_for_Kindle1.jpg

TJ  Morris ACIR Cosmos Radio Org TJ Morris ET Radio Internet Radio

TJ Morris ACIR
Cosmos Radio Org
TJ Morris ET Radio
Internet Radio

Theresa J Morris ET Spirit Guide

Theresa J Morris
ET Spirit Guide

cropped-Theresa-J-Morris-91.jpg What I need in this moment is a little Love and Tenderness and Caring. (TLC) – Tender Love and Compassion (TLC).

Long Term Meditation Practitioners – Open Heart with Compassion and Kindness
Understanding the nature of what is happening with our experiences.

Building the Muscles and back to the breathing and rising and passing away of not being attached to judgement.

American Western Culture in Ascension Age Awakening – American Culture International Relations.

We need to support Empathy and Compassion for Self and Others.

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