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TJ Morris Entertainment

TJ Morris Entertainment

Live Events – Multimedia, content provider services, education, – American Computer Internet Reporters

We also share ACE Folklife of the Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, History

S.T.E.M. as Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.

ACE and ACO are about whole brain thinking both left and right brain usage in education,  and skill perfection.

Theresa J Morris is founder of ACO & ACE. Her business name is TJ Morris dba ACIR. American Computers Internet Relations

TJ Morris dba ACIR ACO - ACE

TJ Morris
dba ACIR

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  1. Paranormal
  2. Astral Plane
  3. Magick
  4. Metaphysics
  5. Miracles
  6. Science
  7. UFOs – ET (Parapsychology)
  8. Extraterrestrials
  9. Life After Death
  10. Out of Body Experiences
  11. Immortality
  12. Quantum Physics
  13. Spiritual Science

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