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Theresa J Morris is Author/Researcher/Speaker on life mysteries and phenomenology. Life and death, NDE, parapsychology, cosmology, unknown aerial phenomena research is shared as a member of the UFO Association – and ACO Association. TJ Morris ET Radio Show Host. Theresa J Morris, known as TJ Morris has books of her articles while writing for UFO Digest since Aug. 2007. Theresa began her research after leaving her career as an investigator, with US Navy training. Theresa known as Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris owns American Communications Online and owns TJ Morris Radio. Also, Radio Host at Theresa appeared in person on a paranormal panel in 2016 for Theresa’s books are available through websites including her own Theresa is a former toastmaster member and speaker on various paranormal phenomena. TJ is an ascension age psychic medium and shares tarot as a life coach. TJ began Ascension Center Spiritual Science and Psychic Network to assist with the Stargate Members.
TJ now shares TJ Morris dba ACIR in American Culture Internet Relations in communications, education, and information in various topics including ancient history and Forteana (anomalous phenomena). Paranormal cases are performed by TJ Morris dba ACIR. American author, radio host, and speaker conducts studies of UFO sightings, CE5 Contact and has devoted her Life’s Work to sharing what she calls The Ascension Age with co-crafting and creating new spiritual education paths for the future. Theresa also known as TJ is a member of BMI. Theresa began her research in the human potential movement after NDE near death experiences. TJ shares her education spiritual philosophy based on her experiences including UFO Sightings, ET Encounters and her continued research with friends who join ACO Club. TJ Morris is the Talk Show Host of Cosmos Connection and Theresa J Morris Ministries for the Ascension Age Magazine and Radio. TJ has written several books including Cosmos Knowing Cosmology, Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Roswell Encounters, Alien UFO Story by TJ. Theresa of Ascension and others. TJ is a consultant for new spiritual science movement Ascension Age Stargate to the Cosmos Event, Portal Stargate, and StargateCon. Cosmos Expos is forming for authors with intentions of exploration of the human mind and how we can expand universal life consciousness. TJ’s professional background is as a Private, Legal, and Government investigator, Investigative Reporter and logger. TJ Morris Media Agency, Hosting, Publishing, Radio. Contact for speaking engagements or join ACO speakers Club, for artists and authors practitioners in health and wellness, body-mind-spirit topics.


Theresa J Morris

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Publishing-More Than Radio – Integrated Marketing & Communications. WordPress Website Design, Website maintenance, updates, Social media business page setup, Social media business page management, Blog and article writing, Press Releases, media coaching, Book proposal and marketing, Speaker one page, Advertising media kit, Promotional videos, Speakers. All rights reserved. *All guest appearances are subject to change* All media, text, images, graphics, videos, photographs, trademarks, logos, artwork and other content is owned by Theresa J Morris, an agent—one who acts on behalf of a principal party in a deal. This electronic transmission (and/or the documents attached to it) may contain confidential information belonging to the sender that is protected by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Sections 2510 and 2521, and may be legally privileged. This message (and any associated files) are intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is confidential, subject to copyright or constitutes a trade secret. If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any dissemination, copying or distribution of this message, or files associated with this message, is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify Theresa J. Morris immediately by telephone (850) 736-5138 and destroy the original message.  Laws of the United States – TJ Morris Publishing – News – Media – Hosting. ACO Agents-Consultants-Organizers of Events and Communications in Education Entertainment. Members Publishing Objective Unbiased Reporting – ACIR in the USA. TJ Morris dba ACIR. Author Investigative Journalism. © TJ Morris ACIR Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Protected by copyright laws of the United States and international treaties. This website may be used pursuant to the subscription agreement and any reproduction, copy, or redistribution (electronic or otherwise, including on the World Wide Web). In whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of TJ Morris dba ACIR – Morris Media-Morris Hosting, TJ Morris Media –Morris Publishing Visit Indie Writers Support.

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She is the host of Cosmos Connection and TJ Morris ET Radio. Founder of ACE Metaphysical Institute, ERA COP, Education Research Association Community Online Press, ACO American r Ascension Center Education -ACO Energetics, she is the author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She is a paranormal investigative reporter and host of paranormal talk shows. TJ Morris Media News Publishing since 2004. Topics of Fortean, science mysteries, unexplained. Exploring artists, authors, researchers, art and science. Health, wellness, prosperity, cosmology, metaphysics, and alien contact preparedness are shared in her self-help motivational speaking. TJ is best known as a Life Coach Intuitive and integrative medicine advocate or health advocate. Healing intuition in her tarot readings, radio shows, metaphysics, universal life, akashic field cyberspace culture for critical mass mind creativity. TJ began ACE-ACO UFO Paranormal Sci-Fi, Fantasy Artists-Authors Club, TJ Morris Treasure Shows are Timey Manor Book co-creations in metaphysics and cosmology. TJ has been a syndicated columnist online since 2004, contributing writer to UFO Digest since Aug 2007, and authored and published as imprint Timely Manor Books. Copyright Laws of the United States – TJ Morris Publishing – News – Media – Hosting. TJ Morris Ministries Spiritual Science ACO Club. Join the Ascension Age Movement of Alien Civilizations Exist in the Cosmos Consciousness. 

The speed of light in a vacuum is 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second), and in theory nothing can travel faster than light. In miles per hour, light speed is, well, a lot: about 670,616,629 mph. If you could travel at the speed of light, you could go around the Earth 7.5 times in one second.


Theresa J Morris, Speaker Stargate to the Cosmos 2018

Theresa J Morris
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Theresa J Morris
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LIVE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT AT STARGATE TO THE COSMOS, Ramada Albuquerque Midtown, Albuquerque, New Mexico October 25.28, 2018.

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Author, Researcher for ACO Club, American Communications Online, TJ Morris Media

Hi, I’m Theresa J. Morris, Creator of ACO American Communications Online. As an author myself, I have learned that most my friends online are independent authors or event managers. My tribe is one of metaphysicians and interested in cosmology and what will assist us in the ascension process for our own soul.

We share spiritual support and grow our metaphysical tribe with events. I have ACO Event Managers and Authors Book Club. I have friends who want to communicate, meet in person, share interests in ancient cultures and new thought teachings as visionaries of our future. We communicate in social media, via meetings online, share radio shows and hope to explore changing our future for the better by co-creating a narrative.  There are expenses involved in forming our own peer group of colleagues. Venues cost and there are overhead expenses to reach others. We have begun the ACO Association to share that we have a spiritual community support association. We are non-denominational metaphysicians, and most are interested in cosmology, A.I. and technology, phenomenology, ancient cultures origin, reincarnation, time and space travel, alienology, pyramidology, ufology, integrative medicine, body-mind-spirit consciousness, pop culture, science fiction and fantasy movies. I began organizing festivals, book editing and publishing, and social media in 2003. I went online with blogs and websites in 2004. My TJ Morris ET Radio shows allow people to hear of our members who join our ACO Association. Our members support others at their own events who have a special group presented to the world. Now, we support Global Pyramid Conference and Stargate to the Cosmos, and Mid-South Conference. If you want to share your event and want to share information with our friends in social media, then please go to our website called Email TJ Morris Agency at

If you want to be involved in team building as either an organizer, event planner, author,  writer, speaker, supporter like a truth seeker then please contact me. We will find a place for you in our ACO Association. Email me:

Thank you.  .


Some of our Members are entrepreneurs and are talented as artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, journalists, game developers, models, actors, producers, videographers, artisans who want to be a part of our creative team at events.

Many our our ACE Folklife Society Members are Historians and Researchers. We share our input together to co-create a narrative of our own spiritual trade community called ACO Association. We share ACO Club, and Authors Book Club.

We offer annual awards with the other groups who support our writers in original independent science fiction writing.

Patreon is changing the way pledges to creators are handled, with many in the creative community concerned this will lead to smaller incomes and fewer subscribers.

Launched in 2013, Patreon is a crowd-supported service that allows people — patrons — to financially support artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, journalists, game developers, models and other entrepreneurs. Patrons are encouraged to pledge either a monthly or per-post subscription that allows them access to new, often times exclusive pieces from the creator they’re supporting.

The shift in the way Patreon’s servicing fees are processed can get complicated, but here’s the gist of the updated model. As it stands right now, before the changes happen, creators coverPatreon’s five percent fee and all of the service processing fees. Simply put, if a patron wanted to pledge $1 to a creator, they would pay exactly $1 and not have to worry about an additional processing cost. According to the company, this resulted in creators losing anywhere from seven to 15 percent of their income covering fees.

On Dec. 18, a new model will standardize that fee. Creators will only pay five percent of the processing fee, instead of the seven to 15 percent, because those who pledge will have to pay an additional 2.9 percent and $0.35 fee each pledge to help cover those remaining costs.

That may not sound like a lot for patrons who support one creator a month at $10. But for patrons who back a larger number of creators at smaller amounts, it could have a bigger impact.

Let’s break it down a little further: Under the new rules, patrons who pledge $1 to a creator will see their payments go up to $1.38. Those who pledge $5 to a creator will pay $5.50. This means for people who back 10 creators on Patreon at $1 per post, it will cost them $13.80, vs. $10.64 if they donated that to one creator.

In a statement to Polygon, a Patreon representative said the decision to implement the service change came after nearly a year of experimentation. The representative said the standard service fee the company decided upon was designed to impact creators and patrons as little as possible.

We think endlessly about the creator and patron impact for every decision we make. This is a change we spent a lot of time thinking about (almost a year!). After running tests with both creators and patrons, we settled on a fee that would impact creators and patrons in the smallest way possible, considering both the amount that patrons pledge and the likelihood that they’ll keep supporting their creators on Patreon.

The creator community, however, disagrees. Backlash from those who use Patreon as a way of keeping their work going have spoken out on Twitter about the change, asking the company to reevaluate its decision. Their biggest concern is geared toward the thousands of patrons who pledge $1 or $5 amounts to a number of creators or channels.

Greg McMahon, a professional animator who built his business up on YouTube but has recently joined Patreon as a way to sustaining costs associated with time spent on projects, told Polygon it’s the $1 and $5 tiers that represent the backbone of Patreon’s pledging community.

“The vast majority of my patrons are only pledging a dollar or two, which is something I encouraged when I launched my Patreon in the first place,” McMahon said. “With this new fee structure in place, the idea of pledging a small amount is going to look a lot less attractive to many potential patrons, and could even convince current patrons to leave. Patreon is a fantastic way for fans to support the creators they enjoy, so I really hope the folks in charge will see the potential negative impact this change could have and decide not to go through with it.”

McMahon, who has over 200 patrons pledging just under $450 a month, said although he only joined Patreon in recent months, he’s concerned about what the future of the company looks like if the decision to implement the new fee policy goes through. McMahon added that if the “change really has a bad effect on Patreon then I might have to look elsewhere for ways to make money with my work.”

McMahon’s voice joins the number of creators who are asking Patreon to leave the current fee system alone. Many creators on Twitter pointed out they don’t mind paying the varying process fee if that means patrons won’t be forced to pay an additional cost for supporting work on the site.

Phoebe Seiders, a writer for a podcast called “Under Pressure,” which makes just $40 a month on Patreon to help cover production costs, said it’s a matter of looking at the bigger picture. Many people on Patreon pledge to more than one creator; Seiders currently supports 16 creators on the platform, which is mostly done through $1 pledges. If someone has a hard limit of $10 that they can allocate to supporting talent on Patreon, that may drop to six or seven creators when the new processing fee scheme goes into effect.

“You’re going from $1 to $1.38 or from $5 to $5.50,” Seiders said. “You’re forced to have to do the math and figure out how to make that $1 stretch.”

Patreon views it differently. In the company’s blog post about the upcoming system, the payments team noted that they “approach every change with a creator-first mindset, aiming to help creators grow their businesses.” The team added that while they’re aware this may result in patrons canceling their subscriptions at first, “we know this will help creators earn more money in the long term.”

To brace for the change, Patreon told creators it was giving “advanced notice so that you and all patrons have an opportunity to cancel your pledge if you no longer wish to continue your membership with the updated service fee.”

The creators-first mentality that Patreon’s team is reportedly addressing the situation with is being questioned by the very community the company has sworn to protect. A Patreon representative told Polygon that despite accusations from the community that changes were being made to profit the company, that wasn’t the case.

“Patreon’s fee — then and now — is 5 percent,” the representative said. “That’s all we keep. So this isn’t about Patreon making more money because of this change.”

Not everyone is convinced. Seiders told Polygon that she “can’t help but believe that Patreon needs to make more money on the process,” and that’s why the community is seeing the shift in how service fees are being handled. Seiders said this moves some of the weight off of the company and drops it on those who are pledging.

“It’s a business and everyone has to make money to live,” Seiders said. “They’ve tried to build a different structure of fees that looks like understandable for creators on the surface, but it really comes down to Patreon getting more money.”

As McMahon noted, “this is the first time a fee is placed directly on the patrons,” and it’s difficult to imagine what the company is going to look like if people who pledge $1 and $5 donations suddenly stop. McMahon said he’s enjoying being on Patreon and hopes to continue it, but questions what that future looks like.

He’s not alone in that, either. Seiders told Polygon that if she were able to talk to the payment team and executive committee at Patreon today, she would appeal to the company’s concern about the future, and ask them to take time to examine how this may hurt Patreon’s growth in the future.

“This is really where it’s going to hurt the most,” Seiders said. “Of the projects I’ve seen people back over the years, as they grow from $100 or less to over $1,000, they have absolutely been built on the backs of these $1 to $5 pledges. To penalize people who want to pledge at that basic level … you are gambling on enough high rollers coming in and then growing and sustaining on that pledge base.

“You’re basing this decision on a gamble that may not pay off.”

As it stands, Patreon’s new service fee will go into effect on Dec. 18. A company blog post confirms that creators will see the “new rates will apply to your monthly pledges starting Dec. 18 so you’ll see your first payment with the fee included Jan. 1, 2018.” More information on how this will affect both patrons and creators can be read about on the company’s Q&A page.

Update: Patreon’s payments team updated its original blog post after the community retaliated against the service fee changes. The blog goes further in-depth to explain why these changes are happening, noting the way patrons pay creators will be treated like “any other subscription service.” The update added that “we need a system that charges patrons at the time of their initial pledge, and on the anniversary of their pledge each month thereafter.”

The blog further states:

Historically, Patreon set a flat 5% fee for our service, with an additional third party processing fee that ranged from 2% – 10%. Some creators were hit by these fees much more than others, and it wasn’t predictable month to month. Right now, we keep those fees as low as we can by charging patrons once every month across multiple pledges — that’s why all charges come on the first day of the month. But if we move to an anniversary-based subscription model without a revised system, the fees would shoot up for creators.

Patreon’s update ends with the company reiterating this “was never (and still isn’t) about making more money for Patreon as a company,” contrary to remarks from creators and patrons online.

Creators began posting screenshots on Twitter last night of their patrons unsubscribing following news of the service fee change. Polygon has reached out to Patreon for more comment on the situation.

LOVING this new update

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TJ Morris Media adding a UAP School

We will begin a new learning curve in 2018 and begin purchasing our own camera equipment for our documentaries. As a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated out of Nashville and New York, I have wanted to do more than write my own songs and have them on CD’s. I now want to do DVD’s and get some of my reporting and research on my you tube channel.

I pay money to two different companies now for my radio shows live streaming.

Now, besides being a producer, and consultant, I am assisting with event planning.

The co-creation team we had put together in 2012 with “GO SOUL FIRST” and Paul Rosenberg was our inspiration on our radio shows. Thomas R Morris and Paul Rosenberg are both on the other side or in another dimension. Here we say that have passed or deceased.

It is fun to co-create and I miss my partners. However, being a strong woman, I will learn to teach myself without my men.

So here wwe go on a new adventure in May 2018. My daughter has leukemia and fighting cancer right now for the second time at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Course materials

The 28-page PDF course booklet takes you step-by-step through the filmmaking process.



The cost of courses depends on your location. Please get in touch to discuss your needs or book a course.

About Tom Barrance

Tom BarranceI have over 20 years experience of delivering film training and workshops around the UK and beyond. I’ve delivered this course for public sector bodies, charities, nonprofits, arts and drama groups. 


What people say

Google reviews and testimonials

“Tom is a really good teacher and is able to convey a lot of technical detail without baffling his audience. Highly recommended.”
Gillian Southgate, Assistant Director, NHS R&D Northwest

“Simply excellent. Fun, interesting, useful and rewarding.”
Derek C Stewart OBE, Associate Director for Patient, Public Involvement & Engagement, NIHR CRN

“I cannot overstate how much potential these simple filming skills will give you for instigating change, improving efficiency and communication, and achieving your own ambitions.”
Sarah Adcock, Senior Specialist Physiotherapist, Manchester Royal Infirmary





ACO Mission Theresa J Morris

Allied Command Organization
UFO Secret Space Command

Theresa J Morris Founder

Cheif Executive Officer (CEO)

Association. International growth through communication, education, entertainment, recreational leisure, tourism. Includes medical tourism for health and wellness, archaeological spiritual  site-seeing. ACO Self-help, education awareness, care givers health and wellness community  interested in medical tourism. Authors, independent owner operators, entrepreneurs, practitioners, researchers, truth seekers, professional association for purposes of establishing and educational 501 (c) 3 organization. A global alliance of members in unity. We share an awareness of  education fund raising awareness in a spiritual health and wellness trade association building community saving expense to our government by sharing books, workshops, training programs, and an annual professional trade association with body-mind-spirit and soulful expression of excellent caregivers  and practitioners in mind. Art, culture, education, science, technology, history folklife building and social networking in our global community as ACE Folklife Society including ACE Metaphysical Institute, School of Counseling.

Mission Statement:

To provide spiritual science education awareness services, connecting integrative medicine education to others experiencing innovative online education , entertainment, research,  health and wellness community.  

Articles & By-Laws


We are authors, artists, artisans, crafters, creators, educators, engineers, folklife historians, history archivists, ACE journalists, ACE Reporters, ACE Authors, copywriters, editors, ACE Actors Guides, Life Coaches, Counselors, Health & Wellness Advisers, Clergy-persons, Videographers, Website Masters, Web Publishers, Movie Producers, Prop Experts, Custodians of the ancient wisdom, Lightworkers and Truthseekers of the new thought teachings. We come from all walks of life as individuals, professionals, volunteers, clergy, social networking associates.

Ace-Folklife Association building community core history so no one has to feel alone.

Engage in sharing sustainability of both planet and species through spiritual entrepreneur’s social networking people who want peace one person’s story at a time.”

ACO – Ascension Center Organization Moving Forward!

A Foundation of Self-Improvement & Well-Being!

*Emotional * Mental * Physical * Spiritual Well Being

*Health & Wellness *Co-Creating

*Light of Creativity and Objectivity

ACE Folklife dba ACE Nonprofit Inc. a caregivers storytelling and researching history of our cultures myths, legends, and beliefs. We specialize in human origin. International history and ancient cultures origin archives are our legacy for humankind as researchers, historians, and writers.

History-Mysteries-Fae-Myths & Legends-Human Origin & Vanishing Cultures-World Religions Faith and Traditions-Eschatology-Morphology-Epistemology

Alien Contact Org. – Human Origins Historical Research Association. A trade community of professional entrepreneurs. Ancient History Mysteries sharing alien civilizations exist. We will be sharing ACE FOLKLIFE SOCIETY with various associations, organization and various people who also follow the ALA American Library Association.

We the members of the ACO, American Communications Online Ascension Center. ACO  is an extension of our original inspiration from our founder as the original Ascension Centers Organization which was founded for Spiritual Growth, Education, and Continued Research for the Communication of Truth. We believe in health and prosperity of all. Our official date with the founder and others began when a meeting was held in Hawaii in September 1989 and annually through 1993. The official Ascension Center was founded for sharing together a community of services and a spiritual products company with an import and export understanding of co-creating a global community. We share our own talents and skills as free agents, consultants, and organizers.

Services are provided as private and group counseling, study groups, classes, seminars, written publications, audio-visual tapes, and other workshop materials, which is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and new though teachings and philosophies.


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Cancellation Policy: For a refund, less a $200 administrative charge per person, send written notice 14 days in advance of the conference. A substitute attendee from the same company may attend at no additional charge.

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