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Ascension Age Mystery Schools

Like human beings, the Earth has five bodies (or worlds) composed of five types of matter (causal, mental, emotional, etheric and physical) Sharing Consciousness Levels of Consciousness Bodies Soul Mental Emotional Perceptual Astral/Etheric Physical Essence   Harmonic Tones 7 a,b,c,d,e,f,g ASCENSION ANCIENT …

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Cosmos Radio Org

Founder Theresa J Morris Based on Ascension Center Organization (September 1993 HAWAII USA) Founder Theresa Janette Thurmond In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the physical plane is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe. [wp-rss-aggregator] …

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Ascension Center Church of Metaphysicians, Lightworkers

ASCENSION CENTER CHURCH ORGANIZATION IMPORTANT HISTORICAL NFORMATION (Please Keep an Archive History) Ascension Center Church Organization became official with the founder Theresa J Thurmond forming the history in September 1993 in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The history is well …

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ACO-ACE TJ Morris Philosophy as Phenomenology Radio Shows

Philosophy as Phenomenology Research into this is Phenomenography. Phenomenography From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Phenomenography is a qualitative research methodology, within the interpretivist paradigm, that investigates the qualitatively different ways in which people experience something or think about something.[1] It is an …

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