Curious Pride 2021

Welcome to the world of language communication. We are all growing in June and this is Gay Pride Month International or so I am told.

, STARGATE TO THE COSMOS HERE AND ON FACEBOOK- YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST ON JUNE 3, 2012~ TJ MORRIS ET~WE ARE TJ MORRIS ACIR ACO ~ Ascension Center Organization ACO Corp USA – American Communications Online ACO Cooperation Organizations who Are the 99 Percent Against Corporate Greed – WE WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH! Len Kasten, Apollo, Janet Kira Lessin, Thomas Anthony (Hawksblood) Sinisi and Theresa J Morris.

TJ MORRIS ET SHARES THE POWER OF DISCERNMENT which is 2 sides and then the truth. ET Ancient Mystery Schools of Akashic Records, Lay Lines, Environment -Sustainability, Health & Body-Mind-Spirit, Higher Self & Consciousness, Interviews & Bios of ET Contactees, Light Workers & Truth Seekers, Religions, Near-Death Experience & Out of Body, and Friends of TJ Morris Org. News / Happenings Events, Stargate to the Cosmos with Janet Kira Lessin and TJ Morris in USA. Paranormal Articles, Paranormal Experiences, Included:    Philosophy, Prophecy, Soul Mates, Spiritual Activism, Spiritual Art, Spiritual Books / CDs, Spiritual Science, Spiritualism, Spirituality Teachers & Channelers, The Spirit World, Therapies, Foo’s / Crop Circles, Universal Laws – Laws of Attraction. Videos, Yoga, Dream Experiences, Meditation, Experiences, Lightworkers & Truthseekers of the Ascension Age share Stargate to the Cosmos Conferences with TJ Morris ET and Friends future with Infinity God and Goddess

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