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Please contact me at 270-955-2055 or 270-274-6707. I am a Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor and charge for my time and not the guidance. I love my life and my chosen career path in spirituality and paranormal tracks as a Speaker/Educator. I share that which I have experienced and hope that others may use my information to make their lives healthier and more prosperous.

My spirit guide information is used with a cosmic connection with the ancient wisdom of the tarot. I do Tarot Readings as a Spiritual Intuitive Consultant.

Average reading is lower than most with my over 30 years experience and that is to assist more that may need the support and a helping hand up in life. There is no magic wand to wave only caring ways that assist when needed. I use paypal account and the link below will take you there.

My hours are generally 12 Noon Central until show time at 8 PM Central/9 Eastern. Except Saturday I have the Cosmos Connection 6-8E on Then I do Blog Talk Radio 7 PM-9 PM which is 8-10 E on Saturday. Then I do my Sunday Spirit Guide Show with friends 8-10E on Blog Talk Radio.

ET Spirit Guide Reading Time
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15 Minute Base Line Only

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