ET Spirit Guide Seminar

Those in the main twelve are humanoid sentient intelligent beings that look like typical white Anglo Saxons of earth.

These positions are post held in high esteem and our universal command ships all share in the protection of our planet, our galaxy, and our universe among many universes.

The new language of which I am adjusting too myself is that of inclusion.

We share that since we do not accept officially in the critical mass mind that alien civilizations exist in space as ACE then we go with Alien Contact Organization as ACO.

The acronyms are codes for those who have a desire or need to know. All information in the past has been for those who live at various levels in the various dimensions and realms of the universe.

Some humanoids are sharing their own interpretations of their communications as downloads form their conscious and sub-conscious minds.

Some humanoids are sharing their lucid dreams and their out of body experiences OBE with others.

We also are now sharing our near death experiences as NDE.

We are in the Ascension Age as of 12-21-12 and we have invented a way to share our future as those represented here in spirit that returns back to our soul or over-soul to use the term from the last century on earth.

Sharing what I know with others will be done using the communications. I share my ways as words on the internet in the open source which we hope will remain always free as a highway in space for the A Field and Akashic Records to lead those who are of good spirit into sharing their own thoughts in this matrix.

We are all sharing some of who we are. No one being on the planet really knows another. Not really in the chaos we are doing our best to make orderly.

We must focus on what has been found out as we become seekers of the universal source as the force behind all creations and knowledge.

Those above share a secret space command with those who have a need to know. They decide who has a need to know.

The only way I can share what I know is to say it is based on my own personal experiences. It resembles the parts of me I know exist that is in touch with those who we may refer to as the messengers or angels in another realm. This isn’t the best way to share that which most do not even acknowledge exists. We share much of the unknown and the unexplained in inaccurate words and we use terms and cliches that are outdated and outmoded. It is time to begin the real Ascension Age.

Brand Logo TJ Morris dba ACIR

Brand Logo
TJ Morris dba ACIR

TJ Morris dba ACIR ACO - ACE

TJ Morris
dba ACIR

TJ Morris dba ACIR Theresa J Morris Author-Speaker Educator-Entrepreneur

TJ Morris dba ACIR
Theresa J Morris

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TJ Morris Entertainment

TJ Morris Entertainment

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TJ Morris Radio Network

TJ Morris Radio Network

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