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TJ Morris Media

 American production company, specializing in documentary, reality, and non-fiction television programming and specials

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ACO Members are those who share in synergy of a conceptualization. This world has been shown to me as one where we use our senses to internalize our own future as one of the all and all as one. We are a part of that which allows us each ton learn about individual free will and choice. We also learn to share in unity as synergy. Many call this concept as a feeling in the heart, and central nervouse system as we learn to think about it logically. Our feelings are known to produce emotions which are used in our own controlled mechanism as body-mind-spirit.

Thos whom I have come in contact with all exude emotions to share their own communicative life with conceptualization at the forefront of their own personal reality.

The power which I personally have learned to share is a remarkable mystical magical belief in a higher power that is connected to an overall source to that which was in the beginning before any and all life as we know it  to exist came into being. Since most of us cannot remember why we are here and were not allowed to remember in the beginning before everything was created or co-created, it has come to my attention with a connection to higher ups to begin charting a new course of action for our entire continuum.

We will be responsbible from this day forward for all humanity as those who came before and will again and yet knowing that we are they can can do no harm to those who are only now being created and manifested as others co-create in human forms.

Therefore, I submit to all who are allowing themselves the choices to find information as it appears as truth to another that we are immortal souls with energy that is essence that comes and goes and has connections to many others who have divine will and a protocol has been formed in agreement with many. We therefore arrange for essence in us all to find out in a metaphysical world with cosmology and phenomenology all information as knowledge which can lead to not only power, peace, and unity, but synergy in love for al beings.

Those who know of me will learnof our essence energy and free love as synergy to become much greater in gatherings than alone. This universe is expanding and we bond to others as we allow for continued growth and support as individuals. Join us now as we support the ACE Metaphysical Institute in our ACO conscious citizens. JOIN TODAY and find a better way of existence with others of your humankind.

Extraterrestrials and extrasensory perception allows for immortal growth throughout eternity. Exchanging energy and synergy is a part of the overall expansion of love and knowledge throughout our own soul connections.

Sharing energy and essence in human form is a form of communication and connction with plant, animal, and mineral in this reality.

I’m just trying to build a type of community of very interesting people I could learn from and benefit from being in contact with. No worries, you can say anything you wish, and yes, perhaps to find pieces of this “puzzle” I’ve been trying to reassemble for so many years. I’ve no idea why, I often send friend requests based on a combination of shared friend list and intuition. I feel awkward all the time…Work helps me put together many of the mysterious pieces of my childhood and family history together.

 We’ve all had past lives, I’m becoming more and more convinced of that.
I am finding the other pieces of my own soul group in this world. Those who share my love of co-creation and consciousness. Human behavior and sharing the full human potential by ways we adapt and overcome in adversities. I know we are a part of a much grander scheme,  current events, weather, climate, politics, science, space, etc, a wide range.
But thank you .I’m just someone who’s trying to build a life that’s about service to others.
Theresa J Morris
American Communications Online
American Communication Online is about Cooperation ACO Club
Theresa J Morris
& Friends

Arenas of politics, pop-culture, world news,

ancient cultures origin, cosmos exposed, mysteries, phenomena, spiritual science and more.

TJ Morris Agency

ACO Club for support among friends in social media. TJ Morris Media, ACIR, ACO brands we trust among friends in the USA, Canada,  United Kingdom, Mexico and other international countries exercising goodwill with Theresa J Morris, woman owner of a small communication business.

TJ Morris dba ACIR


Biography- Theresa J Morris, Health Advocate Speaker – Esoteric to Exoteric Information – Educational Entertainer

Theresa J Morris
American Communications Online

Consultant, ACO Club
Test Field – Humanities

ACO CLUB with Theresa J Morris

We are expanding our clubs with various social media groups.

If you are an owner or moderator of a group on Facebook there is a need to know how to podcast.


ACO Club assists others in learning about Social Media and how to share your own interests, as well as, how to assist your friends.


We as individuals can build our own relationships with others while we learn to make life better for all of us in communications.


ACO CLUB is shared by American Communications Online. We share our education in entertainment.



When planning your podcast, consider what your content will be about, what the goals are for your podcast, how your podcast’s content, logos and branding will reinforce your objectives. Also, come up with basic website theme and colors.


  1. Decide on your content, format and goals
  2. Come up with logos, branding and website theme

Content Production

The heart of every podcast is the media content. Whether you’re creating audio, video, electronic books (PDF/ePub), the content production will be your most time consuming and important task.


  1. Decide on a media format (audio, video, electronic book)
  2. Pick the tools and software necessary to create the media format selected
  3. Create a first episode, or introduction episode


Podcast distribution is the infrastructure that allows your media to be syndicated to your audience. The infrastructure includes a website (a WordPress site is recommended), media hosting (separated from your website) and syndication via RSS feeds.

WordPress is recommended for podcasting for a number of reasons. First, podcasting is nothing more than an extension of blogging. A blog post with media associated to it is a podcast episode. With WordPress being the most dominant and free blogging platform today, it makes perfect sense to use WordPress for your podcast website.


  1. Setup a website for your podcast
  2. Setup a hosting service for your podcast media
  3. Setup syndication for your podcast (such as PowerPress plugin for WordPress)
  4. Publish your first episode

If you are using WordPress with PowerPress, simply create a new blog post. Upload your media to your media hosting company, then enter the media URL into the PowerPress episode entry box in the edit post screen. If you’re using Blubrry media hosting services, this is as simple as clicking the Blubrry upload icon Blubrry PowerPress Upload Media Icon, uploading the media, then clicking “Publish”.


Measuring the success of your podcast is critical. There are three ways you can measure this success: via media download statistics, web statistics and audience surveys.


  1. Set up media download statistics (Blubrry Basic Statistics are free and easy to add to WordPress website using the PowerPress podcasting plugin)
  2. Set up Web statistics (Google Analytics is free and easy to add to a WordPress website)
  3. Set up an audience survey ( offers a free audience survey)


Promoting your podcast is the only way to get your podcast into the hands of the masses.


  1. Add your podcast to as many podcast directories as possible (iTunes, Blubrry Podcast Directory, etc.)
  2. Come up with a social media strategy (for example, use Google+, Twitter and Facebook)
  3. Attend conferences and trade shows that complement your content and genre
  4. Set up a mailing list / newsletter and regularly send news and information to your subscribers
  5. Consider using traditional marketing techniques such as Google Adwords

ACO Club Publishing:

Timely Manor Books is the Imprint of TJ Morris Media-News-Publishing.

We are teaming with our ACO Club Members as Authors, Consultants, Organizers and with TJ Morris Agency.

Senior Copywriter

Position Description

Educational Entertainment in the Health & Wellness for life community, live, learn, laugh, love, leave a legacy.

At the American Communications Online, ACE Folklife Society, saving lives is our mission. We achieve our mission by drawing on our humanity. Humanity made up of courage, determination, innovation, passion, empathy, and caring. These are the values that give us the advantage for our Ascension Center Organization for our health advocates, and supporters.

Our work is important.

And so are the people doing it. The people who work at the American Communications Online (ACO) Society focus their diverse talents on our mission of spiritual education in our community of truth seekers. We share communications online in American English and promote talented people in the arts and sciences. We share art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife.

The Senior Copywriter establishes conceptual and stylistic direction for a specific portfolio of the American Communications Online Society’s marketing creative; writes impactful, creative and compelling copy; and ensures that the work of the creative team meets business needs, aligns with the ACO brand, maintains principals of consumer-focused design and is highly interactive, provoking response or involvement.

• Responsible for clearly communicating ideas and best practice in copy and content to entire project team.

• Concepts big ideas that work across all media (both online and offline; including digital, social & interactive) and are creatively fresh, strategically sound, and on-brand.

• Creates work that both moves the brand forward and impacts revenue.

• Professionally and passionately speaks with project and business stakeholders – presents copy and concepts to them, either in person or over the phone, and acts as a representative of the team and the work.

• Supervises junior writers, along with working side by side with other writers acting as consultant, mentor and lead.

• Responsible for the quality of any copywriting deliverable ensuring that it meets corporate standards for creative excellence.

• Effectively works with stakeholders in different divisions, disciplines and functional areas of the marketing team.

• Takes complex medical ideas and information and boils them down into simple, easy to understand language

Position Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in copywriting or equivalent. 4or more years of progressively responsible experience in copywriting.

Mastery of best practices in copywriting, content strategy and brand development. Balanced understanding of copywriting, strategy, usability, interaction and concepts across web, mobile, social and other digital platforms.

Demonstrates Integrated Marketing Competencies:

• Manages ambiguity – Operates effectively, even when things are not certain or the way forward is not clear.

• Collaborates – Builds partnerships and works collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives.

• Customer focus – – Builds strong customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions.

• Cultivates innovation – Creates new and better ways for the organization to be successful.

• Plans and aligns – Plans and prioritizes work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals.

• Drives results – Consistently achieves results, even under tough circumstances.

• Builds effective teams – Builds strong-identity teams that apply their diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals.

• Drives vision and purpose – Paints a compelling picture of the vision and strategy that motivates others to action.

• Concept and collaborate with creative team, other copywriters, designers, art directors

• Mentor and develop junior copywriters to help hone their craft

• Write compelling long-form copy, as well as effective headlines, taglines, websites and calls to action.

• Be comfortable writing in multiple styles and for multiple formats.

• Work with account managers and strategy to ensure creative concepts, tactics, and copy tone are on brand and strategically sound.

• Work with project managers to ensure projects are delivered on time.

• Meet with and present work to stakeholders – strong presentation skills are a must.

• Have a proven track record creating work for digital media.

• Ability to juggle multiple projects/tasks.

• A strong desire to do brand-building, revenue-driving and award-winning work.

• Marketing sense and an interest in helping to develop campaign platforms that can work across all channels.

• Guide breakthrough thinking ensuring that ACO interactive destinations are holistic, strategically grounded and maintain the highest standards of innovation, creativity and executional excellence.

• Disseminate and support content and voice best practices for ACO.

• Understand the alignment of web properties with business objectives and recommend appropriate interactive content solutions for enhancing customer experience, participation and loyalty.

• Collaborate with the online event revenue team to increase communications, user experience and drive revenue.

• A strong online portfolio packed with award-winning work that demonstrates writing chops, a solid understanding of advertising and concepts that work across multiple screens and experiences.

• Excellent understanding of style guides, creative process and creative workflows.

• Outstanding internal & external relationship building skills with a demonstrated ability to collaborate, lead, negotiate and mentor

• Superior project management, customer service, organization and people skills.

• Experience leading teams from ideation to execution

• Ability to develop strong concepts that drive engagement and grow revenue.

• Solid understanding of ACO events, programs, initiatives and priorities.

• Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously with high attention to detail and accuracy.

• Solid grasp of advertising concepts.

• Thorough understanding of interactive and mobile design including how the content develops and transitions from screen to screen.

• Working knowledge of relevant components of the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office

• Understanding of print and digital production techniques and standard and web accessibility standards and methods.

We are committed to providing staff with fulfilling opportunities to learn, grow and make an impact in their local communities. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

Various friends who are writers and consultants are sharing their values as volunteers. Here is the latest on our new friend Brad Olsen’s Book

Hidden knowledge and state secrets comprise the “alternative narrative” described in Future Esoteric, which examines the flaws of mainstream society, and presents radical solutions to today’s social, scientific and economic issues SAN FRANCISCO: Things are not always as they appear. For the past century forbidden subjects such as UFOs, human abductions, secret space programs, suppressed free energy devices and other fantastic notions have tested the human mind, forcing it to decipher fact from fiction. But is there a common thread? As sites like WikiLeaks and their founders try to unveil war secrets and covert black operations, international governments have little-by-little begun exposing what they’ve tried for years to keep hidden. Chronicling what he calls the “alternative narrative,” Brad Olsen gets down to the middle of it all. Organized into three sections (Secrets, Cosmos and Utopia), Future Esoteric: the Unseen Realms by Ancient Aliens guest Brad Olsen (CCC Publishing, April 2016) examines the flaws in modern history and looks at how ancient esoteric teachings, coupled with accelerated scientific advancements, can be used to help change the dead-end course we humans are running ourselves into. Looking at several alternate paradigms, whether they deal with crop circles, immigrant Nazi leaders to the United States after WWII, or out-of-this-world creatures like Grey aliens, Olsen comes to the conclusion that we have been among the supernatural for centuries; these creatures and advanced military technology have been used as experiments, but this potentially worldchanging info has beed denied to the masses for the purpose of control. Through exploration and the integration of cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom, Olsen believes the dawn of our new society is faced on the one hand with global tyranny, or we can overcome the oppression and advance towards universal abundance and enlightenment. Without government and media manipulation this can be possible, and the Golden Age will be attained with the rapid advancement of human consciousness. “Brad Olsen has done a vast amount of searching to come up with Future Esoteric, and putting it together coherently and beautifully, he has saved us all a ton of time just when we are running out of it. Dots are connected and threads knit together, revealing an intentional predicament and leading in the direction of practical, love-based solutions.” –Foster Gamble, Thrive Available at bookstores everywhere and through IPG 814 N. Franklin, Chicago, IL 60610 Orders: 1-800-888-4741| Book Details: Future Esoteric: the Unseen Realms (2nd ed.) by Brad Olsen Publisher: CCC Publishing, distributed by IPG Price: $17.95 Trade Paper/416 pages/ 6 x 9/ 110 photos ISBN: 978-1888729788 About the Author: Brad Olsen is an editor for World Explorer magazine and has appeared on numerous TV shows. He is the author of nine books, including Modern Esoteric, Sacred Places Around the World, Sacred Places North America, and World Stompers. He lives in San Francisco

Drive ACO business plans through insights to improve our marketing efficiency.

Deliver end-to-end analysis leading to actionable conclusions and recommendations.

•Initiate and conduct analysis of multi-variate tests across digital channels leading to higher conversion and incremental revenue outcomes.

•Create data visualizations that concisely deliver findings and recommendations.

•Own the creation and management of digital marketing reports and dashboards.

Work effectively with our tracking and product teams to track, enhance, and maintain our marketing data.

•Support forecasting and predictive analytics efforts.

•Drive analytics best practices within a team of like-minded individuals; keep the pulse of new analytics trends and technology to keep ACO on the leading edge of analytics.

•Ensure quality assurance in regard to data collection, data measurement, accuracy of findings as well as applicability and appropriateness within the organization.

•Distribute monthly and/or quarterly reports including summarizing talking points for key stakeholders and presentations to ACOs’ key stakeholders within various business units;

Responding to periodic requests for historical and/or custom data pulls.

•Work across functions to identify technical and process drivers of discrepancies among data sources to clearly articulate why discrepancies exist.

Responsibilities include:

•Support the rigorous analyses and KPI’s to evaluate key business issues and drivers, build business cases and frame recommendations as actionable insights.

•Consult in the development and implementation of testing strategies and opportunities and lead test design and measurement to capitalize on further learnings about our audience and our digital products.

•Support tag management solution for all web properties.

•Support measurement tools and know where and when to apply them (including but not limited to: multiple site-side tracking packages (e.g., Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, etc.), online media reporting, social media reporting tools, attitudinal vendors, etc.).

•Support weekly and monthly analyses of site performance. Identify traffic trends for improving site conversion, etc.

•Statistical analysis of data to glean deeper insights.

•Conduct a/b and other test plans, analyze results and suggest opportunities for improvement.

•Build logging and data aggregation processes for digital products.

•Additional duties as required.

Position Requirements

•Bachelor’s degree BA or BS required in a related field of study (e.g., Business Administration, Marketing Analytics, Statistics, Sociology, Journalism). Major in Statistics, Business Intelligence, Qualitative Analysis preferred.  MBA is a bonus.

•Minimum 6 years working in analytics / data analysis.

•High degree of competency with Microsoft Excel.

•High degree of competency with Google Analytics.

•Experience with Tableau and additional analytics packages is a bonus.

•Experience with SQL is a bonus.

•Experience with Hotjar, Spreadfast, Live Orange, and/or Site Improve is a bonus.

•Understanding of paid digital advertising preferred.

•Experience with tag management preferred.

•Minimum of 2-4 years of analysis or related experience with analytics, predictive modeling, reporting and dashboard development.

•Minimum of 2-4 years support measurement tools and know where and when to apply them (including but not limited to: multiple site-side tracking packages (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Ad-Words, Omniture, Coremetrics, etc.), online media reporting, social media reporting tools, attitudinal vendors, etc.)

•Minimum of 2 years digital management and analytic experience and modeling preferred.

•Expert data visualization and findings communication to business owners.

•Strong presentation skills and experience presenting to senior management.

•Excellent ability to translate analytic results and data into key findings relevant and relatable to multiple internal audiences.

•Demonstrated intermediate data analytic, modeling and diagnostic skills.

•Must be able to work independently or as part of a team and use critical decision making skills to evaluate business implications.

•Basic project management skills.

•Demonstrated ability to see results to completion.

•Intermediate business acumen.

•Seeks opportunities to learn.

•Intermediate problem solving and decision making skills.

•Experience and ability using Business Intelligence tools (as an end user) preferred.

•Intermediate skill/competency level:  demonstrates solid knowledge and ability; can apply the competency with minimal or no guidance, in the full range of typical situations.  Requires guidance handling novel or more complex situations.

Operate standard Office Equipment

Requires extended periods of computer use

Requires extended periods of sitting

We are committed to providing staff with fulfilling opportunities to learn, grow and make an impact in their local communities. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

TJ Morris ET Radio – ACO Club


Surveys- Support Groups

Medical Tourism-Integrative Medicine Challenges in the Health & Wellness Community.

Theresa J Morris
Myron E. McCoy
May 7, 2017
Mobile, Alabama
ACO Club

Theresa J Morris is Author/Entrepreneur-Speaker – TJ Morris ET Radio Show Host. Theresa J Morris, known as TJ Morris.
Radio host, advocate for the working class net citizens.
Theresa’s books are available through many websites including her own

Theresa J Morris
Founder UFO Secret Space and ACO

Theresa is a former toastmaster member and speaker on various paranormal phenomena. TJ Morris shares vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations. Since the beginning TJ has focused on simplicity while inspiring creativity through solving problems with thoughtful guidance and suggestions including branding and product design for entrepreneurs and inventors. Being an Artist and Author TJ began her web presence as a syndicated columnist and graduated to a publisher and webmaster. As a result TJ has launched several brands and associations including the ACE and ACO in the world. TJ has become the advocate for various causes including civil rights while sharing ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. TJ owns American  Communications Online Network of friends who share in her ACO Club.

TJ Morris Media is a home for visual storytelling for everyone from brands, artists, authors, co-creators, educators, entrepreneurs, musicians, speakers, radio show hosts, web masters, and people with a creative passion. Theresa’s background is in investigations and getting the unbiased facts as a syndicated columnist. Her passion is ancient history and new conscious thought research of the critical mass mind and internet.
TJ now shares TJ Morris dba ACIR in American Culture Internet Relations in communications, education, and information in various topics including ancient history and forteana (anomalous phenomena). Paranormal Romance based on ancient past and new thought teachings with metaphysics as a passion in writing interests. Background in investigations, TJ enjoys learning about our life in general and all that entails.
Founding Director of ACIR-ACE-ACO Social Networking Internet Clubs. TJ Morris tm ACIR sm. Theresa’s Brand is known as TJ Morris dba ACIR. American author, radio host, and speaker who has had UFO sightings, CE5 Contact and has devoted her Life’s Work to sharing what she calls The Ascension Age with co-crafting and creating new spiritual education paths for the future. Theresa also known as TJ is a member of BMI. Theresa began her research in the human potential movement after NDE near death experiences. TJ shares her education and spiritual philosophy based on her experiences including her own near death experiences (NDE), UFO Sightings, ET Encounters and her continued research with friends who join her TJ Morris ACO Social Club and UFO Secret Space Command Peer Review Journal. TJ also shares Ancient Cultures Origin. TJ Morris is the Talk Show Host of the TJ Morris ET Radio on Blog Talk Radio (BTR), Cosmos Connection on Revolution Radio weekly. TJ has written several books including Cosmos- Knowing Cosmology, Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Roswell Encounters,  Roswell Connection, Alien UFO Story by TJ. Theresa of Ascension and others in the imprint Timely Manor Books available on Amazon and Lulu . TJ is now working with various small business entrepreneurs as a consultant. Tj’s work includes art, culture, education, science, technology, history, folklife, geopolitics, and social changes.  TJ supports a new spiritual science movement for the Ascension Age as a “Family of Kindred Spirits.” TJ’s professional background is as a Private, Legal, and Government investigator, and Investigative Reporter and blogger. TJ owns TJ Morris  Media, Hosting, News, Publishing, Radio. Contact TJ at Website:, Call 1-270-256-6340 to book an appointment.


ACO~Ascension Center Organization by founder TJ co-creator design and reincarnation for the soul. Former Military DOD, USN,Former Investigator,Reporter, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker.Now TJ Morris ET Radio Host, ACIR Contractor as Pres/CEO of TJ Morris ACO ~Ascension Center Organization-ACO Annual Conventions International Import & Export Trade. TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club,ACE FOLKLIFE Historical Society of Archivists and Researchers, Lightworkers and Truthseekers, TJ Morris Publishing-Timely Manor Books, Public Relations, Associate Guides, Social Entrepreneurs,Goodwill Ambassadors in ACIR. American Culture International Relations. Ambassador of Goodwill for ACIR. Interested in sustainability and accountability of the ACIR, ACE FOLKLIFE, ASCENSION CENTER, Planet Information and WIN as World Information Network. ET Information investigation experiences-Alien Contact Investigations Research Resource Reference Book of History & Future being re-written as Ascension Age.
ACO~Ascension Center Organization by founder TJ co-creator design and reincarnation for the soul. Former Military DOD, USN,Former Investigator,Reporter, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker.Now TJ Morris ET Radio Host, ACIR Contractor as Pres/CEO of TJ Morris ACO ~Ascension Center Organization-ACO Annual Conventions International Import & Export Trade. TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club,ACE FOLKLIFE Historical Society of Archivists and Researchers, Lightworkers and Truthseekers, TJ Morris Publishing-Timely Manor Books, Public Relations, Associate Guides, Social Entrepreneurs,Goodwill Ambassadors in ACIR. American Culture International Relations. Ambassador of Goodwill for ACIR. Interested in sustainability and accountability of the ACIR, ACE FOLKLIFE, ASCENSION CENTER, Planet Information and WIN as World Information Network. ET Information investigation experiences-Alien Contact Investigations Research Resource Reference Book of History & Future being re-written as Ascension Age



Applied Physical Sciences
Applied Mathematical Sciences
Biophysics and Computational Biology
Cellular and Developmental Biology
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Computer and Information Sciences

Cosmology and Interstellar Communication
Economic Sciences
Engineering Sciences
Environmental Sciences and Ecology
Evolutionary Biology
Human Environmental Sciences
Immunology and Inflammation
Medical Genetics, Hematology, and Oncology
Medical Physiology and Metabolism

Microbial Biology

Physiology and Pharmacology
Plant Biology
Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences

Popular Science
Psychological and Cognitive Sciences

Recreation & Leisure, Environmental Challenges
Social and Political Sciences

Spirituality and Theology
Sustainability Science
Systems Biology
Systems Neuroscience


For a complete list of Editorial Board
members, visit:

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Allied Command Officers
UFO Secret Space Command

Updated 2016

Adopted Articles & By-Laws


Social Media Groups Online

We share an Internet Church as

Ascension Center Church Org

Ascension Psychics Club Association

ERA COP Peer Review Journal

We have many Social Media Groups Online on

We share our “WE” above in the below. We are they who inspire the “’ALL I AM”. We are all students and teachers and inspire intuition so that it is a choice as in freewill. No man is an island alone in the universe nor is one woman as they are to learn to become one in unity and work together for the plan.

The Great Commission is one we are all involved in when the time is right for the fertile ingestation of the humble soul to reverse it’s own self into that from which it became an immortal one as soul. Self Awareness is a part of learning about one’s own self. Self Awareness has been a way to obtain knowledge, information, awareness, grace, and an attachment to that which is the GREAT ALL I AM as the “WE”. Universal spirit has given us all claim to the beginning and that we serve that whichis the all for the greater good in service to others as the ALL in force. We share the Supreme Allied Command and the commission for all of us in the “WHO AND WHOLE”.

ACO Club
Theresa J Morris
& Friends

We hope the below tools of 12 Practices of Self Awareness and GSF Behavior model is inspiring, supportive and helpful. For more tools and to learn about ES community, see the ES Core Triad.

12 PRACTICES OF SELF AWARENESS: Meditate and give attention to these twelve areas to practice better personal self awareness and to discipline the Negative Ego and Pain Body. When you are self aware you are INFORMED and CLEAR and you are less prone to Mind Control and related levels of Archontic Deception Behavior. What we endeavor at this time is to move away from inner confusion and move towards discovering inner clarity.

As we develop Self Awareness which is the knowledge of the Self, we are developing the right relationship to the Self, and thus we can better develop our relationship with God Source. We cannot know the highest expression of our nature, until we know the deepest inner contents of our own being. Self study is self mastery and is the pathway to expanding Consciousness.


12 Practices of Self Awareness














Learn to practice acceptance and adaptability to where you find yourself in your life right now. Believe in a Higher Power and a purpose greater than your Self. Be willing to choose something else and invite other possibilities into your life. Let go of needing to be right, needing to be hurt and accept the circumstances and people involved, right where they are now.

Archetypes of Drama

Deepening the awareness and observation of our self as we identify the archetypes and characters that run around in our mental ideas and personality that we show the world. These characters are the key players in creating your emotional drama reactions and their sabotaging behavior patterns. We can especially use the HGS Collective Mind pages to identify, locate and remove and repair (ILRR) obsolete and harmful archetypes of drama and trauma, from running our lives in our present, past and future. Get them out of the driver’s seat of the negative ego and hand the authority over to your Avatar Christ self. Resign from the Mind Control matrix by forfeiting the archetypes of drama as a governing authority over your identity. Using archetypes for drama is a type of entertainment for most people, whether they admit it or not. One must choose peace in their life, if they truly want to live in peace.


Where do you focus your attention? Where you focus your attention is what you make your priority. Mastering your focus is mastering your freedom. Meditation is the skill of focusing 100% of your energy and attention in one specific area in the present moment. How long can you sustain your focused attention in one area through meditation? See the Law of Conservation.

Compassionate Witness

Through the sustained state of the neutral observer one becomes the point of god’s light dispensed as loving compassion through your body and into the world and towards others. This is the Compassionate Witness. The Power of Compassion is directed naturally by the intelligent design of God’s Living Essence when embodied in a human that has achieved a neutral observer mode. This living essence heals bodies, changes Timelines (elevates outcomes), reveals deception, activates light-body, retrieves soul fragments and connects to the Universal Mind’s Pure Genius in order to resolve all energetic conflict between parties. Intelligently designed to create Unification, its core essence seeks to resolve, reconcile, rehabilitate and harmonize.

Confront Beliefs

When we are distressed or embroiled in emotional conflicts with others or within circumstances, confront the belief that is creating the pain or distress inside you. What is the thought or belief that is limiting, destructive or creating pain in you? Confront that thought and its belief now in your Pain Body. How do you react and feel towards that thought? Is that thought absolutely the factual truth and are you being completely honest with yourself? Who are you if you decide to give up this thought? What thought can you replace that is truly empowering you to move away from that pain and choose something else?

Emotional Balance

Ask to inquire on the inner study of your emotions. The state of one’s emotions determine what kind of experience we are having. It is us that determines the quality of our relationships and the quality of our life by the emotions we are feeling. Our emotions and their lower drives are extremely powerful forces in our lives. Our unresolved emotional conflicts and their fears will keep us from doing the things we love and sabotage our spiritual growth. Our spiritual growth is directly related to our emotional balance. This is why ascension is 99% emotional healing. One must resolve emotional conflicts, wounds, inner fears and pain in order to grow the self-awareness required to become conscious to participate with the spiritual bodies. The Soul is the true emotional body, to recover her we must heal her.


To forgive another person or circumstance is the most generous thing one can do for yourself. When we forgive others for perceived transgressions it frees us from the bonds, entanglements and cords which manifest painful patterns such as judgments, resentments, and anger. Forgiving yourself is the most important action one can take to clearing self-sabotaging bonds of victimhood and their painful wounds.


Be sure to pay attention to those things in your life that you are grateful for. Give thanks in your heart and verbally to others. When you learn to give your mind a new interpretation of your reality, you begin to see an entirely different world. With this practice of giving gratitude for our lives, we become aware of our personal stories, point of view, emotional states and our power to create. Giving gratitude creates happiness in our heart.


Practice finding the impeccability to align fully with your words, thoughts, emotions and deeds. Find the point of power in every circumstance by finding the neutral place of observation. Practice neutral when communicating with other people and pay attention to strong opinions or judgments that may surface. It is you that will pay heavily for those strong opinions or judgments. Find neutrality to learn integrity within the self.

Quiet the Mind

Stopping the Internal Dialogue. Developing a skills set of directed focus along with quieting the mind to stop the incessant chatter of internal dialogue is required for self-awareness and inner spiritual connection. Can you be a listener rather than a talker? Stop, listen and determine what the message, sensations and feelings mean to you from being internally and externally in complete silence. The Universe is speaking to you in the silence through subtle sensations. What is it saying to you?

Recovering Personal Power

Our personal power is to choose our inner resonance and act upon our guidance regardless what others think or say. We have an extraordinary amount of it at our disposal based upon the choices we make in our perception and the attitudes that we have at every moment. Unfortunately without self-awareness or clarity of purpose, we unknowingly waste our energies and personal power on self-sabotaging agreements. Bring your awareness to every word that comes out of your mouth, and every thought in your mind. Be aware of the congruency of living in alignment to the words you speak. If one learns to be in their personal power and truth, this state of being will teach one to see clearly the agreements that others live by as well. Being in your personal power means that you allow others to choose to be in their personal power also.

Sphere of Influence

This is to pay attention to the impact of one’s personal energies, auric field and body upon others and the environment. As your spiritual growth and bodies expand consciousness, your sphere of influence in the world will also expand. Observe the impact of your light bodies, frequency upon the environment, nature, animals, and other people. As you sense these energetic impacts one may work with these energies to step them down or step them up in natural harmony with the environment. As you become in harmony with the environment, one can become transparent to the group energies which allows the self-organized source light to naturally harmonize the environment and others around you. This brings forth a peaceful, loving and compassionate state of being, as the natural sphere of your influence upon the world.

GSF Behavior

When we are in energetic balance with ourselves, we are in balance with our spiritual self, our heart and we cease to have great personal turmoil or suffering. This is how we become increasingly healthy and peaceful. When we are emotionally healthy and peaceful we are able to access our spiritual self and heart intelligence easily. So this is to comprehend our natural spiritual-energetic state of being is one of emotional balance, inner peace, health and connection with Life. This state is not dependent on the external outcomes and can be experienced even when others around you and the world are undergoing great turmoil. To improve peace in a largely dysfunctional world, we may require attitudinal behavior guidelines which help us to overcome the insanity of the Archontic Deception and their anti-life forces which abuse its mechanism.[2] Once a person becomes self aware they can more easily apply the following GSF Behavior in their day to day activities and lifestyle:

God-Sovereign-Free Behavior (GSF)

1. Empathy and Compassion 2. Mental Openness 3. Emotional Stability 4. Responsibility 5. Honesty 6. Sovereignty 7. Reality Assessment 8. Unified Cooperation

Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the value of a person’s worth and there are a lot of factors that come into play, especially in helping a person fell more confident about himself, which is also a primary factor in establishing a person’s outlook towards personal inspiration and feeling as a success. On the spiritual Ascension pathway, recognizing the importance of character building as a necessary part of having self love and self acceptance is critical to progress through self deception blocks. When we have low self esteem our psychological defense mechanisms will act to block our progress moving forward and evolving in life. One who understands they are a loved and worthy spiritual vessel for the spirit of God Source, will begin to learn that self love is at the core of self acceptance which is the quality one must build to truly feel and experience God’s love for all of us. Once we feel love for ourselves we build inner confidence which further builds our trustwith life.

Articles & By-Laws of ACO-ACE Private Clubs in USA, CA, North & South America

Alien Contact Organization

We are choosing to relate to those above as below while we are here on this planet. We shall abide by the laws set forth in these United States of America, and follow our organizations articles and by-laws for our various private clubs as an Education Research Association Community Online Practicing Skills People who speak English and Communicate with our Cosmos Radio Organization.

ACE Art-Culture-Education
ACE Nonprofit Inc.

In 2015 we adopted the ACO as Alien Contact Organization and was formed in the United States of America.

We are about knowing that Alien Civilizations Exist!

We are the Alien Contact Organization in Alliance with ACE Society and ACE Folklife Historians.

We share ancient mysteries, ancient aliens, clues and views.

We share social media with our friends who share similar interests.

We are about making the world a better place for all.

We support many causes that are about raising awareness of the Ascension Age Paradigm.

We are about ascending and understanding more about our place in the Cosmos!



Theresa J Morris Author ACO Alien Contact Org

Theresa J Morris
Author ACO
Alien Contact Org

Articles & By-Laws

Alien Contact Org Analysts-Consultants Organizers

Alien Contact Org

We are authors, artists, artisans, crafters, creators, educators, engineers, folklife historians, history archivists, ACE journalists, ACE Reporters, ACE Authors, copywriters, editors, ACE Actors Guides, Life Coaches, Counselors, Health & Wellness Advisors, Clergypersons, Videographers, Website Masters, Web Publishers, Movie Producers, Prop Experts, Custodians of the ancient wisdoms and lightworkers and truthseekers of the new thought teachings. We come from all walks of life as individuals, professionals and volunteers.
“Engage in sharing sustainability of both planet and species through spiritual entrepreneur’s social networking people who want peace one person’s story at a time.” TJ-2BMorris-2BET-2BRadio-2BLogo-2B2
ACO – Ascension Center Organization 2015 Moving Forward!
A Foundation of Self-Improvement & Well-Being!
*Emotional * Mental * Physical * Spiritual Well Being
*Health & Wellness *Co-Creating
*Light of Creativity and Objectivity

Alien Contact Organization Psychic Oracles ACO w/ TJ Morris

Alien Contact
Psychic Oracles
ACO w/ TJ Morris

ACE Folklife dba ACE Nonprofit Inc.,
History-Mysteries-Fae-Myths & Legends-Human Origin & Vanishing Cultures-World Religions Faith and Traditions-Eschatology-Morphology-Epistemology
Alien Contact Org. – Ancient History Mysteries to the Strange!
We will be sharing ACE FOLKLIFE SOCIETY with various associations, organization and various people who also follow the ALA American Library Association.
We the members of the Ascension Center ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to the uplifting of humankind by providing spiritual and educational awareness.
Ascension Centers was founded for Spiritual Growth, Education, and Continued Research for the Communication of Truth.
Services are provided as private and group counseling, study groups, classes, seminars, written publications, audio-visual tapes, and other workshop materials, which is a synthesis of ancient wisdoms and new though teachings and philosophies.
Emotional-Mental-Physical-Spiritual Well Being.
We are an organization with patrons throughout the United States and the world. Subscribers receive a monthly Report/Newsletter and are given a discount on all classes, seminars, books, tapes, and material published by the Ascension Centers Non-Profit Organization.
A spiritual gathering place for private and group counseling, classes, seminars, publications, tapes for archiving purposes or personal educational use.
We offer spiritual and educational products and services. We share body-mind-spirit health and wellness educational products and services.
Classes and seminars are formed to discuss materials, teachings, revelations, and experiences of transformation in individual through expansions in consciousness as well as for healing the planet with love and light in a trusting environment.
Each member will be continually supported in their spiritual and educational growth, self-improvement, speechcraft, communication, and leadership ability.
Support is given to each member to live a “balanced life.”
This includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being for whole life living.
“Making the world a better place for you, me, our children, and the entire human race.”
Spiritual Business Community Networking & Trade Organization.
Sharing artwork, books, and speakers with vendors who are into the body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process for our humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We care to share in the awakening awareness of our future by sharing in the arts and sciences. We are about education.
We work with adult’s continuing education as ACE for the ACE Nonprofit Inc. We are adults who work together in education by sharing in a community online. We are using our practicing skills to provide content. We share content in our blogs and podcasts LIVE on the AIR with blog talk radio.
We support our libraries and our authors in both hardcover and electronic books we call EBooks online.
Creative Imagination Inspiration Interdependence Starving Artists and Authors are coming together to work with Lightworkers and Truthseekers.
We are coming together and are asking our authors to assist us in co-creating our members best quality for lithographs to assist us all in raising funds for assisting in uplifting humanity in our art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife.
We work with visual and performing artists. We work with artists and authors. We work with speakers in speechcraft and information sharing.
We work with social entrepreneurs. We have a call to action to angels, lightworkers, and truthseekers.
We have radio shows that are bringing people together. We are going to do more lightworkers for our Lightworkers Conference, at the Benedictine University on September 25, 26, & 27th and meeting at the Mid-south Conference in Memphis, Tennessee at the Hilton, Hotel, March 222, 23, 24th in 2015.


1 The Body shall be called the ACO and ACE Clubs.
1 This Body ACO dba Ascension Center Organization and Alien Contact Organization shall meet annually at convention, according to adjournment, but in case of emergency the President may call a special session with the advice and consent of the Mission Board, or two-thirds of the members of the Board present and voting may call a special session. The body ACE dba ACE Nonprofit Inc. shall work in alliance with ACO UFO Club.
2 This Body ACO dba Ascension Center shall include in the meeting annually the state Mission Board also known as ACE FOLKLIFE dba ACE. ACE as the acronym for adult’s continuing education and art, culture, education. ACO Messengers shall be called Personal consultants to the Board of the Body.
3 This Body will allow members to join based on annual dues and tithing donations as love offerings to assist in the arts and sciences of humanity education in sustainability of planet and species.
4 This Body shall be allowed to participate in trade and commerce and all enterprises allowed by law. ACO and ACE are recognized as an alliance of one and the same with goals in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife. ACO ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. ACE history and metaphysics of an esoteric rewriting history of humanity for the future. One being ACO is female dominant while ACE is male dominant as sister and brother in an alliance. Theresa J Thurmond Morris is founder of both the ACE and ACO.
5 This Body shall be known as a not for profit educational organization and charity fundraising allowed while interested in consumer affairs while advocating civil and human rights for all consumers who have the right to know of the best economical offerings in consumer products with educational awareness of what they are consuming. We will vote with our purchase power and become educated while sharing awareness of choices to vote when we purchase. We recognize purchase power as a platform group as a social network while caring and awake and aware of our sharing power and goodness as in caring for one another. We share our knowing and beliefs as in trust in each other as humans.
6 ACE Nonprofit Inc. has been formed for the ACE Metaphysical Institute as a part and division to support the funding of teaching classes on spirituality, metaphysics, and of esoteric nature as a spiritual community..
1 The membership of this BODY shall consist of messengers from cooperating affiliated offices, churches, associations, groups, as members of this organization as follows:
ACO Spiritual Retreats for authors, co-creators, educators and members. ACE Metaphysical Members share begin as students, qualified in courses and become teachers as the need arises. ACO and ACE will share duties and responsibilities.
(1) Two messengers from each retreat, light center, education center, psychic awakening center, medical center, or church having one hundred members or less, which is in friendly cooperation paying annual dues with this organization as a convention in principal; is sympathetic with its purposes and work; and has during the fiscal year preceding been a bona fide contributor to the Convention’s work.
(2) One additional messenger for each church, association, group, organization, education institution, shall be allowed for each additional two hundred fifty members, or for each $250.00 contributed to the Cooperative Program during the fiscal year preceding the annual meeting but no group, retreat, light center, education center, psychic awakening center, medical center, or church may be allowed more than ten (10) messengers.
(3) Messenger’s cars will be sent, upon request, to individual post office boxes for their members which are registered post office agent to accept the membership cards in the U.S. Postal System in their zip code office of the region in the USA or in case of global organization by registered agent for the nation state or country and regional and local office. State Convention Office must be registered to hold conferences in their home state and be a member of the ACO Convention Directory.
(4) Ballots will be issued to each messenger at the time one registers.
1 On the occasion of its annual meeting the Body shall elect by ballot, a president, a first and second vice president, a secretary, and one assistant secretary. Their duties shall be such as custom imposes upon such officers. They shall hold office until their successors are duly installed at the closing session of the annual meeting of the Body. No president shall be eligible to succeed himself in office. The President and the vice President and Secretaries of the ACO Convention shall be the officers of the ACE FOLKLIFE Mission Board of the ACO Convention.
2 Persons to be nominated as officers of the ACO Convention must be consulted and permission secured before their names are placed in nomination. ACE Nonprofit Inc. officers are officers to be nominated and voted on as volunteers.
1 This Body has no jurisdiction over the local offices, churches, or the District Associations, and shall exercise no authority over them.
2 All single members will be assigned a personal consultant as an agent of our organization depending on their local office, church, in state by location and region of the United States of America. Volunteer clergy can receive commission on art creations as per any citizen with free will and intent for moral integrity.
3 All Agents are simply reporting agents for accounting purposes. Personal consultants are independent contractors for hire as life coaches and are listed by office, church, in local city, state, and region in our ACO Directory. ACE Nonprofit Inc. will also list our agents, consultants, organizers, clergy, teachers, and others who may want to share their talents, skills, and membership with ACO and ACE.
1 The Body shall be a medium through which the agents, offices, churches, in their sovereign capacity can work together in promoting all nondenominational enterprises which they deem necessary in carrying out the Great Commission of the Christ Consciousness Awakened Awareness of the Higher Self…
1 The ACE FOLKLIFE Historical Society Mission Board of this body shall consist of members from each cooperating arm as categorized by their elected business title as office or church in the District Association plus eight at-large members from the geographical region of the state in which they live and reside. Members must live and reside in a direct district to work in their district as member, and personal consultant, agent. The Mission Board membership from the associations shall consist of one member from each cooperating District Association with a total office, church membership of five thousand or less, and one more member for each additional five thousand office or church members, or major fraction thereof, as reported in the Convention Annual Directory of the preceding year. Each District Association of our Personal Consultants Active with a total office church membership of five thousand or less shall nominate two persons for each membership on the Board of whom one shall be elected. Should any District Association fail to exercise this prerogative, then the Committee on Nominations of the Convention shall make the nomination.
2 The eight at-large members shall be elected from any cooperating affiliated Office Church. These members shall be elected by nominated by the Committee on Nominations of the Convention.
3 All members of the Board shall be elected by the ACO dba Ascension Center Organization for a term of three years, beginning in 2012, except those who are elected to fill the vacancies. Vacancies from death, resignation, or moving from the district association. A move of an at-large member does not constitute a need for a change in regional association. No member shall be eligible for re-election for one year after his term has expired except one who has been elected to fill an unexpired term. Members serving two (2) years and six (6) months shall be considered as serving a full three year term. Any vacancies on the ACO-ACE Mission Board not filled at the annual meeting of the Convention or which occur during the year shall be filled by the Mission Board Founder upon recommendations of the Convention’s Committee or Nominations. Mission Board Founder is Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris.
4 The retiring President of the Convention shall be an at-large member of the Mission Board for one year immediately following her/his term of office.
5 The retiring President of the Convention shall be an at-large member of the Mission Board for one year immediately following her/his term of office.
6 Forty members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.
1 The Mission Board shall have charge of the work of this body for organizing events, of this body between its sessions and shall appoint all officers, agencies, committees, that may be required to perform duties in its work including ACE.
2 The Mission Board shall not contravene any Convention action.
3 The Mission Board shall neither create, accept, nor release any institution or agency for the ACO Convention, unless so instructed by the ACO Convention. The existence of any emergency in connection with an institution or agency shall be determined by a majority vote of the Mission Board in session, and the Board shall make recommendations to the Convention with reference to emergency.
4 The Organized Mission Board shall make a report to the annual ACO Convention. At least thirty days prior to this meeting the Board shall publish in the Anew News Guide its recommendations except in an emergency that may arise thereafter. Associate Guides Recorder of the ACO Members shall update members annually at least thirty days before the New Year. 2012 Members are now in the directory and updated monthly through release for following year. Cut-off date for inclusion in the project to be updated in a timely fashion is November 30th of each year. Those who join in December will be entered for the January Issue in the Associate Guides Recorder at
1 No person shall be eligible to serve at the same time on more than one Board of Trustees or Directors or Managers of any agency or institution, office, church fostered and supported by the whole of the ACO dba Ascension Center Organization, except the Mission Board of the Convention, and shall not be eligible for election or appointment until he/she has been a member of the ACO for at least one year as a calendar year prior to nomination or appointment, and shall not be eligible for re-election after serving two full terms until having been out of office at least one full year, except the ACO Schools of Education as in the Ascension Center Education Institute Universities online may have a maximum of eight (8) trustees per brick and mortar college or university outside the state; these trustees to be nominated from candidates who are members in good standing of cooperating fully with the ACE Academy and ACO Institute of Technology in their respective states in the United States or global work in the world information network online at the as listed in the overall course curriculum directory of offices and divisions by the global tectonic economic plates on the planet.
1 The President of the Convention and the Executive Director-Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of all committees as required to oversee the overall administration and accounting of the entire ACO. Certified Public Accountant Gerald W Watts, CPA of Beaver Dam, Kentucky was chosen by Founding President, CEO. Bank was chosen as US Bank, Old Hartford Road, Owensboro, Kentucky.
1 This Constitution may be altered or amended (except Article V) by the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present at any annual convention meeting, one year’s notice having been given to the proposed alteration or amendment.
1 The Body will remain perpetually however if for any reason body was to be resolved for any reason the assets would be liquidated and all proceeds will be given to a charity for hunger and poverty in America.
2 Fifty percent of the projects to be discussed as fund raisers will be to assist the hungry, homeless, women rights and government approved homeless shelters. We disburse in assigned regions according to Veterans Organizations Groups around the United States of America.


1 The Session of the Convention shall be opened and closed in prayer.
2 Visitors shall have the privilege of speaking in debate but not of voting.
3 Each member, when he/she speaks in debate or has any communication to make to the convention, shall address the president, and when he/she has finished he/she shall be seated. This Rule #3 of Bylaws must be read at each Convention to the masses in the beginning and shared with those by members to visitors and members who are arrive late in passing in case a visitor is new to the convention. This rule is placed in all publications for each annual convention including in the annual program for public relations purposes.
4 No member shall speak more than twice in any since debate or event on the same day without a two-thirds majority vote of the Convention except the President of the Convention and the Executive Director- Treasurer named in Annual Directory, and the Annual Program Guide with the Officers list.
5 When a member shall be called to order he/she shall be seated until the president has determined whether he/she is in order. An appeal may be made from the decision of the president in this as in any case.
6 When the president shall desire to be heard in debate; or to be temporarily absent, the Chair can be taken by one of the vice presidents, or in case of the absence of both vice presidents, by some member whom the president may select or elect as masters of ceremonies in the President’s stead when involved in another conference meeting.
7 In the election of officers by ballot submitted in writing which is a part of the annual program to be counted after left in ballot boxes at the entrance of the convention hall tables, if only one nomination is made and no other person desires to be nominated, the secretary may cast a the ballot of the Convention which is in writing and announced to the whole convention in the main meeting hall at the beginning and updated at the end of the convention meeting with ballots posted total for the coming year for results all do not have to remain present to win. We prefer the officers to remain until closing with nominees included to learn of results and to know their term of office and training time allotted.
8 The results of all balloted votes shall be made known to all messengers and recorders whether at the proceedings of the Convention. It being understood that these votes refer to the examination and election of all previous written ballots for the election of officers and any other ballot votes as assigned to debate committees for the next annual meeting.
9 All resolutions, memorials, and all motions except motions related to procedures made for the consideration of the annual ACO Convention shall be presented in writing. All resolutions and memorials shall require for passage the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present and voting which are a minimum of quorum of 40 members for the annual convention in 2014 as 2011, 2012, 2013 for the first three (3) years have been filled voting to be held for all to follow annually. 1992-93 Ascension Center Education and 2007 ACE FOLKLIFE Art, Culture, Education.
10 No new item of miscellaneous business may be introduced in the last session of the annual Convention without unanimous consent of the Body. No motions to rescind a previous action of the convention may be made in the last session of the annual Convention except by unanimous consent of the Body unless it involves banking choice for the local agent as a personal consultant of the newest franchise if needed to form a new franchise which is normally handled in the US Bank chosen by the original founder as TJ Morris ACO, in Kentucky USA. First donations cannot be accepted unless recognized with the ACO Convention LOGO which is authorized by and through the President only for branding purposes.
11 The Presiding Officers for Banking Purposes is President and Executive Director-Treasurer. The presiding officers shall be empowered to sign for the entire ACO Convention. The President of ACO will remain first opening Officer as President/CEO of the original ACO for the duration of her life as the first Life Coach to be recognized in the public and banking system in the United States of America. Upon her death then the Number #2 Account of ACO Hawaii will become the Home Office but until such time Kentucky is the original founding state with the original founder of ACO with the Federal ID of the Internal Revenue Service and the US Treasury which has been assigned in 2012. Second office is recognized as Ascension Center Education – Hawaii, USA. For historical purposes the original date of the first Ascension Center was filed on the record in Hawaii 1992-93 in Honolulu, Secretary of State Office of assumed names where all requirements were met and signed by Theresa J Thurmond-Orr at the time. Official documents as Hawaii Driver’s License and US Passport were used at the time of filing along with brand logo. Cost to use brand logo and name in Hawaii is now set at $250.00 but will increase to $300 for filing in each state hereafter as an Agent Office to be used for convention purposes and business enterprise in trade and commerce if other than the Founder, Theresa J Morris dba ACIR, Agent for ACO dba Ascension Center Organization, and ACE FOLKLIFE a 501C3 Not for profit corporation open source on the internet in cyberspace social networking as art, culture, education. ACO is assigned for trade and commerce of cotton products for branding purposes to be used in association with the ACE FOLKLIFE Brand for business enterprising purposes and more importantly recruiting members to our convention.
12 The Committee on Order of Business shall suggest an order of business for the next meeting of the Annual Convention at the end of the Convention. It shall provide periods of time during the early days of the annual convention for the introduction of all matters requiring a vote not scheduled on the agenda and in the annual itinerary program in the actual printed program of publications to be kept in a volume book by year. One copy of each annual program by year will be labeled and kept in a hard bound binder. When introduced unless the annual convention then gives its unanimous consent by hand raised voting as in all yeas and nays with the majority rules to accept the motion as presented in motion form to be adopted then shall fix time for the considerations of the same.
13 twenty-five percent of the registered messengers at any annual meeting convention shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.
14 Any question that is not provided for by the foregoing rules shall be decided according to Robert’s Rules of Order (Latest Edition).
15 The foregoing rules may be altered or amended at any annual meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the members present.
16 Committees of the ACO with Guidelines will be presented at the Mission Board of December and May meetings and of course other nominations may be filled as needed by the president. Meeting of the committees including special committees will be included as in those of the Civitan International Booklets as one of the organizations that has trained the president, Theresa J Morris, of Ohio County Kentucky, USA.
17 Committees on the annual awards and programs shall formulate the program for the annual meeting with awards to be presented to the winners of various contests held annually including the ACE AWARDS.
IN ACO Social Service Club – Adults Continuing Education in America

Integration Management recognizes and promotes diversity in technologies, cultures, people and ideas, both within our company and in the markets where we do business. ACE Folklife dba ACE Nonprofit Inc.

Plan on preparing with the new edition Based on Material we will share as the New ACE Guide for 2014. Taking the Exam after July, 2014.
We recertify every 3 years. We will share in other certification programs under generally accepted project management of experts. 500 to 600 pages are areas of incorporation into our NEW ACE GUIDE in the Metaphysical Industry of our state quotes of projects actually engaged in the project.

We are to be new to accepting the standard that is being used in world information network of the United States and for global management in the World Organizations Project Management Maturity.
Exam takers of disconnect and the outlines of the content of the exam is now a point to fill the gap of time and cost for management of specific processes. We are socializing the new data flow throughout the ACE Guide has been made consistent to the Ascension Age of knowledge to wisdom.
We now have the potential to leap to adaptive methodologies in a generic guideline driven standard in the knowledge industry.
We prefer to share the information that is shared in projects which deal with the new knowledge base of information. The New Social Entrepreneurs cover the entire span on project management life cycle in dealing with future stake holders. We handle much that is out of scope of critical understanding in order to ACE the ACE EXAM. We will be scheduling events on our webinars and future certification programs and psychic fairs and workshops with ET Seminars and Divine Expo.
It’s interesting to know that we are in planning and needless to say that we assist in creating plan and scope management plan and cost management plan.
ACE Nonprofit Inc. has been formed for the ACE Metaphysical Institute as a part and division to support the funding of teaching classes on spirituality, metaphysics, and of esoteric nature as a spiritual community… We share awakening wisdom of our human nature and natures God.
The development project management plan to distinguish what has been done in the past knowledge based management plans.
We are working on the new management of stake holder’s management of our high level profit changes as integration knowledge area for direct management project execution.
Plan scope management will co-create a document that will tell the Project Team will be defined validated and controlled. This is the new process for the entire planned schedule management to share in the world information network knowledge area, of policies, procedures, and planning cost management.
Communications in knowledge of human processes as management stakeholder knowledge areas that are significantly exchanged.
Planned communications management and controlled communications.
The latest process is significant information of project performance and this applies cleaner and controlled monitoring risks. This makes procurement knowledge area as plant procurement management.
Controlled Management and Stake Holder’s Management and engagement have been created to participate in knowledge of management and training.

ACO & ACE Project Management Technical Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Scope Management
Time Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Human Resource Management
Risk Management
Communications Management
Procurement Management
Professional Responsibility,
Project Management – Context, Framework, Processes
Classroom boot camp of instructors to lead students through changes
We will present presentations with our advisers on when to take the exam and why you need to select the ACE Metaphysical Institute for Certifications and re-certifications based on your interest. Please contact us in learning to share the future of our Metaphysical Group Training Matrix.

We have Group request for those who are qualified for the Boot Camp. Submit your resume at no cost to you at Resume Review to TJ Morris dba ACIR and we will give you a qualified opinion over sharing resumes over the last ten plus years with our ACIR for Investigative Reporting on the Social Paranormal Kind.
Private Membership Club – Membership Driven – Family Mediators – Personal Consultants
We share the ACO dba Ascension Center Organization and – Ascension Care Education as ACE Nonprofit Inc. Association.
We are in the personal and business helping professions support of body~mind~spirit sharing the Birth~life~death experiences together.

Without the information we receive through our five senses we could not function as the beings we are. Each sense is important in its own right, but each has limitations. On the other hand, one sense can be used to compensate for another. The most effective way to receive information, of course, is to use all our senses in harmony.
Another important aspect of learning about our senses is to become aware of physical handicaps that may cause difficulty for people who do not have access to these senses, though this does not make people different or lesser. These marvelous gifts of sensing the world we live in must be protected and cared for. Without the information we receive through our five senses we could not function as the beings we are. Each sense is important in its own right, but each has limitations. On the other hand, one sense can be used to compensate for another. The most effective way to receive information, of course, is to use all our senses in harmony.
Another important aspect of learning about our senses is to become aware of physical handicaps that may cause difficulty for people who do not have access to these senses, though this does not make people different or lesser. These marvelous gifts of sensing the world we live in must be protected and cared for.

Members Family Mediation- Personal Assessments for our Clients~ Caregiver Support Club
Caregivers – Housekeepers –
Run errands- Weekly housekeeping – Daily reminders
We offer our services as needed or required on daily, weekly or bi-monthly check-ups on scheduled visits depending on the circumstances.
Family Financial Consultants – Bookkeepers – Girl Friday- Secretarial Service – Authors Ghost Writing Editing Services

ACO Culture Club –

Overall Mission Statement for ACE & ACO


We the members of the ACO and ACE ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to the uplifting of humankind by providing spiritual education awareness and CONTINUED research for the communication of truth.


We share services as private and group counseling, study groups, classes, seminars, workshops with co-created written materials, audio/visual tapes, books-ebooks, and other materials. We share media, news, and publishing.

We are supporters and advocates of the arts and healing for body-mind-spirit growth. Both ACE Nonprofit Inc. – ACE Metaphysical Institute and ACE Folklife Society and ACO Ascension Center Organization work together for spiritual education in our future community online with TJ Morris Media.
We share our Associate Community Online as ACO as a community online practicing skills sharing information and education to those who desire to tune in and share our lives as trusted associates.

ACE Metaphysics-Theresa J Morris & Bill M Tracer- Laws of Cosmos Beings

Bill M Tracer (TN), Tommy Hawksblood (HI), Cyril Kioko (GA) and Theresa J Morris (KY) share a Forum for Cosmos Beings. Soul Essence – Spiritual Beings. Ascension Center Organization (ACO) – Ascension Center Education (ACE), ACE Nonprofit Inc., ACE Folklife Org, join as associates cooperative is membership driven to share awakened awareness affirmations as a spiritual support membership group community online practicing skills. ACE-ACO-ACIR-Ascension Center Information Resources is a foundation of self-improvement and well-being for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. We believe we are body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process and that the Ascension Age Affirmations Awakening Awareness are welcoming those who desire to become a part of our ascension spiritual tribe members in our Ascension Age Community. We know alien civilizations exist. We share the ET Radio with friends who also know of the Cosmos Beings. Ascension ET Spirit is ACE Metaphysical Institute as the ACE Nonprofit Inc. for spiritual growth education and continued research for the communication of truth. Introduction to Metaphysics and Spirituality Classes held weekly Ancient Wisdoms` New Thought Teachings. Essence Origin, Memories, Intelligent Design, Collective Conscious, Unconscious, and Critical Mass Mind. Metaphysical Ministers on Cosmology, Computers, Cyberculture, Science Discoveries, Human Spirit. We are all about being body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process. Theresa J Morris and her friend Bill M Tracer of ACE and ACO Memphis (Cordova) TN & Beaver Dam, KY Join our Laws of Cosmos Beings in Cosmic Cyberspace. Join us Sundays 9 E, 8C, 7 MT, 6 Pac., 3/2 Hawaii Time in the USA. Central is spring back/Fall forward time. TJ Morris dba ACIR managed by managers of ACO LLC KY USA- Tom & Jan Morris

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By: TJ Thurmond Morris aka Theresa J Morris and TJ Morris dba ACIR
Allowing us to co-create Alien Contact as a new cultural phenomenon is not a pseudoscience but a way of understanding a cultural community in the paranormal world some call an alternative culture.
We share an interest in those who are sharing multi-media as authors of books, ebooks, blogs, websites, speaking on radio shows, television shows, events, conferences that all work together with the connection on the Internet or online presence in social media networks.
Alien contact is a part of our Ascension Center Education process which is a part of our American Cultural Heritage.
At our organization where we support each other’s co-creations online we share as a community online practicing skills.
There are parts of us that honor our body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process here on planet earth as a responsibility for the critical mass mind thinking concerns project.
We share in what we should forever learn above and below about our own humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We share the responsibility for each other with regard to doing our best not to judge each other but to support each other in our own spiritual soul growth through sharing education as adults.
We share the adult’s continuing education whether one has the funding to return to a formal education, secondary to having to work for a living. We share that we support each other as a social community online in fellowship.
We have co-created websites where we support each other with our own similar interests groups online and annually in person. We do what we can to attend events, and conferences in our area of the country of which we reside. We are more than individuals but accept a challenge for recognizing each other’s web presence.
We share each other’s friendship in social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other locations including our Skype connections for communication.
We share our radio shows where we document our stories and shares of our own special alien contact community.
If you are interested in “Alien Contact” please allow us to share with you our own personal situations in life and our stories which become our experiences over time that may or may not be familiar to most on this planet we presently call home.
Life on planet earth is more than we have been led to believe in the past by our academics, our governments, and even our churches. We are now more of an adult species of humanoids who can think for themselves and co-create counter cultures to those which were controlled by those in power over our health and prosperity and sustenance held in suspense for lack of education on how to better accommodate the masses. This is changing now as the world becomes accustomed to the fact that alien civilizations exist and that some aliens contact those not only in space but on earth.
We call these people who have alien contact “Alien Contactees”. Now it is time to understand the various ways we can be contacted not only in our own minds but in person.
This is where some UFO sightings come into play.

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ACO Club
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Organizer – Radio Host



Brad Olsen is author of nine books including two in his Esoteric Series: “Modern Esoteric” and “Future Esoteric.” An award-winning author, book publisher and event producer, his keynote presentations and interviews have enlightened audiences at Contact in the Desert, Awareness Life Expo, the 5D events and dozens of radio (including Coast to Coast) and television shows (including Ancient Aliens, America Unearthed, and Mysteries of the National Parks). Brad is a founder and co-producer of the How Weird Street Faire in the SOMA neighborhood of his home-base San Francisco. Brad was featured on the front page of SF Bay Guardian in September 2014. The Chicago native’s esoteric writing continues to reach a wide audience while he continues breaking ground in alternative journalism, public speaking, illustration and photography.


admins Facebook groups,

and runs






BRAD OLSEN’s passion for writing goes far beyond his book publishing business or the online content he produces. His books have reached a wide audience across the country and around the world, and have won numerous awards. His work has been reviewed in top publications and he continues to lecture nationwide on various subjects. He has appeared on dozens of television and nationally syndicated radio shows over the course of two decades. Yet for all the fanfare, Brad Olsen likes to spend time with his friends and family, while attempting to be outdoors as much as possible.


Although the professional task of book publishing occupies most of his year, Brad Olsen is also the founder and event producer of the How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco, the city where he currently resides. Between writing online and print publication articles, new book chapters, and posting on social media, he also manages various websites, does marketing work, special sales fulfillment, administrative tasks, manages various projects with outsourced collaborators, and produces one of the largest festivals in The City. Wearing his publisher’s hat, he makes the stated goal of only releasing only the kinds of books he would value owning himself, which incorporates thought-provoking and critical content, and with a wide appeal to readers. His book publishing business CCC Publishing is distributed by Independent Publishers Group.



In a change of editorial direction, award-winning travel writer Brad Olsen announced the release of “The Esoteric Series” in 2013, with the release of two books in two years. Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms was released to many favorable reviews in January, 2013 through CCC Publishing in paperback and all e-book formats, and has been re-released as a second edition in 2016. The second installment of the series, Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses was released in March, 2014. A third book in the series entitled Beyond Esoteric: The Ultimate Journey is due out in 2018. The website devoted to the book series is:


In 2015, CCC Publishing welcomes new author Leo Lyon Zagami, a bestselling author from Italy. CCC Publishing will release five of his books in the English language, beginning with the 2015 release of Pope Francis: The Last Pope? Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church. In 2016 and beyond, CCC Publishing will publish the three books in his “Confessions of an Illuminati” series. The first in the series, Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume I was released in January, 2016 to much fanfare.


Brad Olsen’s critically acclaimed “Sacred Places: 108 Destinations” series added author Karen Tate in 2005 with her Sacred Places of Goddess title. The first book in the series Sacred Places: North America was released as a second edition in April, 2008 to rave reviews and a gold award for “Best Travel Book of the Year.” Sacred Places Around the World” was reissued as a second edition in February, 2004, and the final book in the series was Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations, released March, 2007. Both titles were nominated as “Travel Guide of the Year” by Foreword Magazine.


Brad is also the author/illustrator of the “Extreme Adventures” series of adrenaline-pumping guidebooks. Extreme Adventures Hawaii and Extreme Adventures Northern California were both released by Hunter Publishing in 1998. In July, 2005 he was interviewed for the television series on Outdoor Life Network’s extreme sports series called “The World’s Wildest Rides.”



Brad Olsen was interviewed on the hit History Channel series “Ancient Aliens” for two episodes in Season Six, which aired in December, 2013, and taped several more episodes for Season Nine, to begin airing in April, 2016. Brad has also appeared on History Channel’s “America Unearthed” in January, 2015, and the Travel Channel’s “National Park Mysteries” to be airedin the Fall of 2016. He was a guest on George Noory’s “Beyond Belief” which appeared on Gaia TV in December, 2015. His commentaries have appeared on Coast to Coast AM, National Public Radio, CNN, the X-Zone, Buzzsaw and the Travel Channel, among other outlets. Brad enjoys public speaking on travel to sacred places, the mystery of esoteric subjects, and extended global explorations. He has also photographed and written the script for over two dozen Tours 4 Mobile ebooks (uploadable travel guide podcasts).



Brad Olsen gained the distinction of “award-winning author” in February, 2010 when his travel guide book Sacred Places North America: 108 Destinations (2nd ed.) won the Bay Area Travel Writers top gold prize award (First Place winner) for the “2010 Best Travel Book for the Planet Earth” category, and again the top prize in 2013 when his book Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms took the winning category of “New Age” in the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards. His latest book release Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses also placed first in “New Age” category of the 2014 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, plus “Modern Esoteric” won the top prize in 2014 for best book design by “Graphic Design Awards USA.”



Brad is a travel columnist for Perceptive Travel. He is also a Contributing Editor for World Explorer magazine. Brad Olsen has contributed to several Rough Guides titles, including the World Party guide. His articles have been published in Ancient American and he appeared on the cover of the SF Bay Guardian.



Brad Olsen has been a published artist since he was 14 years old. Starting in 1979 as a political cartoonist for his high school newspaper he continued his craft five years later at Illinois State University’s college newspaper The Vidette. His comic strip was renowned for its witty satire and biting criticisms. A decade later in 1995, he founded Consortium of Collective Consciousness Publishing in San Francisco, the city where his office is still located. The company has produced 18 book titles including In Search of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology, featuring 80 different authors. Key to Solomon’s Key: Is This the Lost Key of Masonry? by Lon Milo DuQuette, was released in the second edition in 2010. Brad’s first book World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto, now in its fifth edition, was lauded by film director Oliver Stone as a “subversive masterpiece of travel writing” and Publisher’s Weekly labeled it a “quirky chain pleaser.” His travel web site relating to the book ( was Microsoft Network’s “Site of the Week” and continues to rank as a “Top 5%” Lycos site. CCC Publishing released The Tribes of Burning Man by Steven T. Jones in 2011, and the book won third place in the Sharp Whit contest for “Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year.”

Brad Olsen book awards:





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