Visit our videos as we share our research into the world of ET!

https://youtu.be/iYEqPaSHKQMPyramid Crystal PalaceTo share our purpose of life everlastring based on ascension of the soul with knowing of hope and faith in that which shares we must believe in and celebrate the knowing that we believe in that which is life everlasting AND life based in faith in belief! We have another life and existence based on belief! We call it ASCENSION! One must believe in life everlasting and all life is based on belief which is the basic of Ascension!cropped-TJMorris-Radio-SUNRISE.jpg

Our Faith Ministry of Ascension Age has a Self Sufficiency program assists individuals with job skills, education, financial literacy, substance abuse treatment, healthy living, general life skills, faith-building, and much more…providing our clients with the tools they need to become independent, contributing members of our community. We are committed to ending homelessness, instead of managing it, one person at a time.

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