Mystic Minds Monthly Meeting

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Theresa J Morris
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Myron E. McCoy
ACO Club – Vice President
with Theresa J Morris


Mystic Minds Monthly Meeting
Mystic Minds Monthly Meeting is a collaboration of creative minds who share their lives. We gather for fun in a 30 minute meet, then a guided topic social time, then we ask for a future topic before introducing a public speaker. We then stay for an intellectual discussion on the topic of the month whether it be public speaking on pop culture, news, change, radio show, tv shows, writing on the internet, cyberspace technology, spiritual science education, self-improvement, community building, or touring outdoors in nature tours or museums. We also meet on Facebook as a group. We are community building and finding out what similar interests we may share. People meet whether single or married for future pleasure and stimulating talks online. Theresa J Morris of American Communication Online is Founder.

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Theresa J Morris, TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency. ACONetworkMedia, Founder,,,,, Podcasts -ACO,,,,, 9024 Service (Ministry Education) . Ascension Center Ordination Universal Life Ministry Online.,,, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563, Author-Investigative Journalist, Health Advocate, Pres/CEO -Business Agent PR, Manager Radio Host, Speaker, TJ Morris Agency-ACO American Communications Online Peer Review Journals, Podcasts. Public Relations ACO,,,, TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACO, ACE epublishing, Webmaster for small businesses both profit and non-profit agent for service, Independeent 3rd Party Moderator.,,,,,,,

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