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Ascension Center Topics

About Us » Appointments Media » Members »  Founders Janet & Janette Janet & Janette of 2012 Ascension Center -Your Flight Stewardesses of the Ascension Age 7. Mayan 8. Central American 9. Andean 10. Amazonian 11. Gran Chaco 12. Patagonian (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Janet Lessin and Janette Thurmond Morris. Janette (TJ) Morris ASCENSION CENTER NETWORK and ASCENSION

UFO Secret Space Program

UFO Secret Space Program - A world entity which takes on a new reality in the World Information Network. We actually began an awareness program which is a part of the real world technology. Affirming we had a space program is a part of our disclosure. Sharing information about what is already

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American Communications Online Theresa J Morris