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TJ the Memoirs Book


MDS Support Group ~Honors Ginger Parrish Bowers

Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish was born on January 27, 1974 in Houston, Texas to Theresa J Thurmond Parrish and Steven Lee Parrish. Ginger married William Bowers in 2000 and raised 2 sons, Dustin Skipper and Jayden Skipper in Gulf Breeze,… (READ MORE)


THIS IS A LINK TO WHAT WE SHARED OF ASCENSION AGE IN 2012 JOIN US with our NEW ASCENSION AGE as of 12-21-12 http://ascensioncenterchurch.org http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cosmosradioorg/2012/09/17/et-written-and-oral-traditions-alien-et-ufo-org

TJ Morris dba ACIR-ACE-ACO Articles & By-laws Agreement

  TJ Morris Brand includes the various clubs she has founded including those that meet at conventions with other Agents, Consultants, and Organizers. Theresa J Morris is the founder, and acting President for the ACE-ACIR-ACO. The brand welcomes those who… (READ MORE)

Ascension Age Mystery Schools

Theresa J Morris, TJ Morris ACIR-

Like human beings, the Earth has five bodies (or worlds) composed of five types of matter (causal, mental, emotional, etheric and physical) Sharing Consciousness Levels of Consciousness Bodies Soul Mental Emotional Perceptual Astral/Etheric Physical Essence   Harmonic Tones 7 a,b,c,d,e,f,g… (READ MORE)

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