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ACO-ACIR Syndication

STARGATE TO THE COSMOS History Travelers Series 1 High Strangeness   TJ Morris   Chapter One Commander Morris sitting on the white sandy beach on a beautiful blue-sky day with white full clouds sporadically watching her daughter walk down the beach along the ocean’s edge collecting shells in the water. Picking up her cell phone to record the

Ascension Center Topics

About Us » Appointments Media » Members »  Founders Janet & Janette Janet & Janette of 2012 Ascension Center -Your Flight Stewardesses of the Ascension Age 7. Mayan 8. Central American 9. Andean 10. Amazonian 11. Gran Chaco 12. Patagonian (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Janet Lessin and Janette Thurmond Morris. Janette (TJ) Morris ASCENSION CENTER NETWORK and ASCENSION

Theresa J Morris and ACO Club

ACO Club, Ascension Center Organization, body-mind-spirit sharing health and wellness. Supporting no one ever has to be alone with our social services community for educational entertainment with ACO American Communications Online sharing friends of TJ Morris. We share various topics, groups, events, and meet when we can to share our 1Time, 2

UFO Secret Space Program

UFO Secret Space Program - A world entity which takes on a new reality in the World Information Network. We actually began an awareness program which is a part of the real world technology. Affirming we had a space program is a part of our disclosure. Sharing information about what is already

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American Communications Online Theresa J Morris