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Theresa Janette “TJ” Morris’s Blogs

Cosmos Radios Network Cosmos Connection Shows A SAMPLE BOOK FREE FOR OUR LIGHTWORKERS: ASCENSION LIGHTWORKERS GUIDE By: Theresa Janette Morris LINK:

Your Voice in Your Brain Study

CODEBREAKERS -VOICE OF REASON BELIEF: A GENERAL MODE OF COGNITION IN OUR BRAIN – YOU DECIDE While religious faith remains one of the most significant features of human life, little is known about its relationship to ordinary belief at the… (READ MORE)

Ascension Center Church of Metaphysicians, Lightworkers

ASCENSION CENTER CHURCH ORGANIZATION IMPORTANT HISTORICAL NFORMATION (Please Keep an Archive History) Ascension Center Church Organization became official with the founder Theresa J Thurmond forming the history in September 1993 in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The history… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris ET Cosmos RADIO Night Topics

TJ Morris tm ACIR sm TJ Morris Agency, Entertainment, Media, Spirituality, Phenomenology, Ufology, Paranormal Radio Shows. RADIO SHOWS: Tues. ET Spirit Guide Readings Wed. Ascension Age Panel Thurs. Era Cop Mag Fri. Cosmos Connection Sat. Alien Contact Sun. Ascension Universal… (READ MORE)

UFO Alien Contact Intel Diplomatic Relations

UFO Alien Contact Intellectual Diplomatic Relations UFO – Alien Contact – EAT High Tech ACO-ACE-ACIR-Intelligence Report Theresa J Morris ACO & ACE Founder Director ACE Metaphysical Institute ACO Alien Contact Organization Thomas & Theresa Morris, UFO Investigators USA ACO- Alien… (READ MORE)

Ascension Psychics Radio Shows

Welcome to the new time in space with TJ Morris I will be sharing more on our TJ Morris RADIO NETWORK. FULL DISCLAIMER: THIS REPORT AND PUBLICATIONS DISCUSSED ARE INTENDED […] READ MORE AT http://ascensionpsychics.com Search … RECENT POSTS Ascension… (READ MORE)

Alien-Big Foot-Sasquatch-Yeti

Big Foot Yeti Sasquatch of Kentucky By: TJ Morris Education Research Association Community Online People (ERA COP) are interested in findings of fact. We like to know and not just believe. What I personally believe is based on my own… (READ MORE)

What is a Feed by Google? For our ACO Club

This article will assist all users on our Cyberspace Culture Internet Club called ACO Club. We have many Independent Webmasters with Websites. Many of our members want to join me, Host of TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio for fun entertaining… (READ MORE)

Allied Council Intelligence Report 2015 Earth

Report by TJ Morris ET Radio, Cosmos Radio Organization now formed September 21, 2015 by Commander Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Earth Allied Council Intelligence Report on a Class 1 Planet and Species. To the Supreme Allied Command From Commander Morris… (READ MORE)

Allied Council Intergalactic Relations Report

ACIR Allied Council Intergalactic Report Cosmic Consciousness about “US” here and in space. By: Theresa J Morris TJ Morris dba ACIR Allied Council Intergalactic Relations It is time we recognize all out parts instead of simply admitting we are all… (READ MORE)


TJ Morris Born Theresa Janette Thurmond Married Thomas R Morris in Ohio County, Kentucky, USA. Four daughters with husband Steven Lee Parrish, born June 21, 1949 (Deceased) ACE Paranormal Investigations Investigative Reporters on the Internet. Theresa J Morris shares her… (READ MORE)

ACE Paranormal Investigators

ACE Paranormal Investigations Investigative Reporters on the Internet. Theresa J Morris shares her work and world! ABOUT ACIR-ACE-ACO Spiritual Science Paranormal Investigations with TJ Morris ACIR–ACE Metaphysical Institute, a non-denominational, non-profit educational institution. We share spiritual educational awareness for visual… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris ERA Cop


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