Theresa J Morris and ACO Club

ACO Club, Ascension Center Organization, body-mind-spirit sharing health and wellness.
Supporting no one ever has to be alone with our social services community for educational entertainment with ACO American Communications Online sharing friends of TJ Morris.
We share various topics, groups, events, and meet when we can to share our 1Time, 2 Place, 3 Things,
Health advocate experiences. We support community of communication through our support group on health and wellness, ancient cultures origin, histories mysteries, alien contact, cosmology, ufo secret space and other fascinating interests. Educational informative sessions on topics such as soul purpose, health, women’s care and more. In addition, we often support community events such as annual events, expos, runs, walks and education and research opportunities.

We share our members as Agents-Consultants-Organizers- Volunteers

ACO Club
Theresa J Morris
& Friends

Theresa J Morris
Founder UFO Secret Space and ACO

Thomas Becker aka Amad Painter, Producer for TJ on Cosmos Connection – Revolution Radio

SATURDAYS 6-8 PM Eastern. Studio B