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MDS Support Group ~Honors Ginger Parrish Bowers

Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish was born on January 27, 1974 in Houston, Texas to Theresa J Thurmond Parrish and Steven Lee Parrish. Ginger married William Bowers in 2000 and raised 2 sons, Dustin Skipper and Jayden Skipper in Gulf Breeze,… (READ MORE)


THIS IS A LINK TO WHAT WE SHARED OF ASCENSION AGE IN 2012 JOIN US with our NEW ASCENSION AGE as of 12-21-12 http://ascensioncenterchurch.org http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cosmosradioorg/2012/09/17/et-written-and-oral-traditions-alien-et-ufo-org

TJ Morris dba ACIR-ACE-ACO Articles & By-laws Agreement

  TJ Morris Brand includes the various clubs she has founded including those that meet at conventions with other Agents, Consultants, and Organizers. Theresa J Morris is the founder, and acting President for the ACE-ACIR-ACO. The brand welcomes those who… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio

UFO Alien Contact Intel Diplomatic Relations

UFO Alien Contact Intellectual Diplomatic Relations UFO – Alien Contact – EAT High Tech ACO-ACE-ACIR-Intelligence Report Theresa J Morris ACO & ACE Founder Director ACE Metaphysical Institute ACO Alien Contact Organization Thomas & Theresa Morris, UFO Investigators USA ACO- Alien… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris Radio

PEOPLE POWERED NEWS® TJMorrisRadio TJ Morris, Intuitive Journalist Author, Speaker, Radio Host of the Paranormal Spirituality – Spiritual Science. Author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She is a paranormal investigative reporter and host of… (READ MORE)


ASCENSION BEINGS of ASCENSION AGE 2012 and beyond! Because of a Humanoid of the World Called Earth, I am a humanoid considered one of the females of the sentient intelligent being species of the world the inhabitants of the planet… (READ MORE)

Cosmos Radio Organization

TJ Morris ACIR – Allied Culture Internet Researchers (ACIR) – Volunteer Experience & Causes ACE-ACO- Ascension Psychics Community – Awakening Conscious Humanity! Art-Culture-Education-Science-Technology-History-Folklife-Internet Advanced Computer Entertainment TJ Morris ACIR Visual and Performing Artists including Authors and Speakers of Paranormal, Spiritual,… (READ MORE)

Day of Peace-Allied Council Intergalactic Report

Sovereignty of God Definition-Day of Peace Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and… (READ MORE)

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