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MARS Conference, Mobile, AL May 6-8 2017

+1-850-736-5138 – or -+1- 270-256-6340 Quick Links Alien Contact Magazine Peer Review Journal for Experiencers Search for: Home > MARS Conference > MARS Conference – Event MARS Conference – Event 5 Apr,2017 adminLeave a comment Mars Moon Space TV The 6th Annual… (READ MORE)

ACO Conscious Attention Inside – Outside Epidermis

Dedicated to my late departed beloved husband Commander Thomas R Morris whom I miss in this TERRA WORLD! Conscious Attention Unified Field of Behaviour Boundary of the Epidermis < blockquote>

Theresa Janette “TJ” Morris’s Blogs

Cosmos Radios Network Cosmos Connection Shows A SAMPLE BOOK FREE FOR OUR LIGHTWORKERS: ASCENSION LIGHTWORKERS GUIDE By: Theresa Janette Morris LINK:

TJ the Memoirs Book


ACE Folklife Society dba ACE

Support for all to access education, stopping inhuman treatment of all including older people, Act for ADVOCATES IN; Preventing discrimination, or offering justice for victims and families failed by the system, and many more as we vote. GLOBAL Human Rights… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris ET Experiencer

Ascension Psychics Radio Shows

Welcome to the new time in space with TJ Morris I will be sharing more on our TJ Morris RADIO NETWORK. FULL DISCLAIMER: THIS REPORT AND PUBLICATIONS DISCUSSED ARE INTENDED […] READ MORE AT http://ascensionpsychics.com Search … RECENT POSTS Ascension… (READ MORE)

Star Trek Actress with TJ -Celeste Yarnell on Halloween

Independant Bemer Distributor www.artofwellness.bemergroup.com   JOINS THE COSMOS RADIO ORG ON TJ MORRIS ET COSMOS RADIO http://blogtalkradio.com/TJMorrisETRadio

What is a Feed by Google? For our ACO Club

This article will assist all users on our Cyberspace Culture Internet Club called ACO Club. We have many Independent Webmasters with Websites. Many of our members want to join me, Host of TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio for fun entertaining… (READ MORE)

Allied Council Intelligence Report 2015 Earth

Report by TJ Morris ET Radio, Cosmos Radio Organization now formed September 21, 2015 by Commander Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Earth Allied Council Intelligence Report on a Class 1 Planet and Species. To the Supreme Allied Command From Commander Morris… (READ MORE)

Theresa J Morris Bio

  Hit Link Below and you will go to the BOOK PAGE on AMAZON. Thank you for you interest. Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris Books by Theresa J Morris Theresa J Morris Following Theresa J… (READ MORE)

Aliens Clyde Lewis & Theresa J Morris

Premiere Networks picked up all syndication rights for Ground Zero of Olaf Phillips and Clyde Lewis with Ron Patton. Clyde is a powerful voice in the field of paranormal news and commentary. With a diverse background in news, acting, writing… (READ MORE)

Cosmos Consciousness TJ

Cosmos Consciousness in Science Fiction~TJ Morris TJ’s Life StoryMF ME~I See Aliens & UFOS~Angels? By: Theresa J Morris One might wonder where we began as in the munificent omniscience of the beginning. M for Mother and F for Father and… (READ MORE)

Theresa J Morris

PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO HELP MY FRIEND DIRK at http://ufodigest.com/article/purpose-0302 We are faced with a new reality in an old paradigm involving ancient traditions. New views on what alien contact and UFO sightings means to us all. There… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris ERA Cop


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