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Cosmos Radios Network Cosmos Connection Shows A SAMPLE BOOK FREE FOR OUR LIGHTWORKERS: ASCENSION LIGHTWORKERS GUIDE By: Theresa Janette Morris LINK:

Paranormal R US!

Just learning about one’s own self is a never ending story. We all have something we do well. Mine is making life that seems normal not so much. I write paranormal and am always looking for ways inside the mind…. (READ MORE)

TJ the Memoirs Book


Theresa J Morris, ET Contactee, Alien Contactee

Hit Link Below and you will go to the BOOK PAGE on AMAZON. Thank you for you rinterest. Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris Books by Theresa J Morris Theresa J Morris Theresa J Morris is… (READ MORE)

ACO Club

ACO Club http://acoclub.com Shared by TheresaJMorris.com AscensionPsychics.com AscensionCenterChurch.org AlienContact.org EraCop.com TJMorrisMedia.com TJMorrisETRadio.com TJMorrisRadio.com Shop.tjmorrismedia.com Author’ History Opportunities in the ACO Social Service Club of TJ Morris ACIR TJ Morris Radio at http://tjmorrisradio.com TJ MORRIS RADIO In service to others. We… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris dba ACIR-ACE-ACO Articles & By-laws Agreement

  TJ Morris Brand includes the various clubs she has founded including those that meet at conventions with other Agents, Consultants, and Organizers. Theresa J Morris is the founder, and acting President for the ACE-ACIR-ACO. The brand welcomes those who… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris dba ACIR

ACE-ACO-ACIR American Culture International Relations Ascension Center Internet Radio We share our time and space in this new space-time continuum. We make right choices to be a part of life while we share our body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process. We… (READ MORE)

Ascension Center Church of Metaphysicians, Lightworkers

ASCENSION CENTER CHURCH ORGANIZATION IMPORTANT HISTORICAL NFORMATION (Please Keep an Archive History) Ascension Center Church Organization became official with the founder Theresa J Thurmond forming the history in September 1993 in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The history… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris ET Cosmos RADIO Night Topics

TJ Morris tm ACIR sm TJ Morris Agency, Entertainment, Media, Spirituality, Phenomenology, Ufology, Paranormal Radio Shows. RADIO SHOWS: Tues. ET Spirit Guide Readings Wed. Ascension Age Panel Thurs. Era Cop Mag Fri. Cosmos Connection Sat. Alien Contact Sun. Ascension Universal… (READ MORE)

UFO Alien Contact Intel Diplomatic Relations

UFO Alien Contact Intellectual Diplomatic Relations UFO – Alien Contact – EAT High Tech ACO-ACE-ACIR-Intelligence Report Theresa J Morris ACO & ACE Founder Director ACE Metaphysical Institute ACO Alien Contact Organization Thomas & Theresa Morris, UFO Investigators USA ACO- Alien… (READ MORE)

Cosmos Ufology by AMI

ACE Metaphysical Institute ASCENSION PSYCHICS TJ Morris Media – Cosmos Radio Organization ACIR-ACO-ACE-ERA COP-Ascension Psychics-AlienContact.org-TJ Morris Agency Title (ie, Author, Editor, Professor, etc): Author, Radio Host First Name: Theresa Middle Name: J Last Name: Morris Address Line 1: 260 Carolyn… (READ MORE)

TJ Morris Radio

PEOPLE POWERED NEWS® TJMorrisRadio TJ Morris, Intuitive Journalist Author, Speaker, Radio Host of the Paranormal Spirituality – Spiritual Science. Author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She is a paranormal investigative reporter and host of… (READ MORE)

Cosmos Radio Organization

TJ Morris ACIR – Allied Culture Internet Researchers (ACIR) – Volunteer Experience & Causes ACE-ACO- Ascension Psychics Community – Awakening Conscious Humanity! Art-Culture-Education-Science-Technology-History-Folklife-Internet Advanced Computer Entertainment TJ Morris ACIR Visual and Performing Artists including Authors and Speakers of Paranormal, Spiritual,… (READ MORE)

Theresa J Morris Bio

  Hit Link Below and you will go to the BOOK PAGE on AMAZON. Thank you for you interest. Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris Books by Theresa J Morris Theresa J Morris Following Theresa J… (READ MORE)


TJ Morris Born Theresa Janette Thurmond Married Thomas R Morris in Ohio County, Kentucky, USA. Four daughters with husband Steven Lee Parrish, born June 21, 1949 (Deceased) ACE Paranormal Investigations Investigative Reporters on the Internet. Theresa J Morris shares her… (READ MORE)

TJ Thurmond Morris – TJ Morris ET

2015 THOUGHTS SHARED in JUNE ET TIMING UFOS By: TJ Thurmond Morris ET as an abbreviation for extraterrestrials has been accepted in poop culture since the movie ET. We are somewhat behind the timeline in our conventional thinking of who… (READ MORE)

Cosmos Consciousness TJ

Cosmos Consciousness in Science Fiction~TJ Morris TJ’s Life StoryMF ME~I See Aliens & UFOS~Angels? By: Theresa J Morris One might wonder where we began as in the munificent omniscience of the beginning. M for Mother and F for Father and… (READ MORE)


TIME TRAVELER – Part Seven – TAKEN UP Series By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris Oh what a web we we’ve when first we decide to deceive. There is no course but recourse when one is a Time Traveler. For those… (READ MORE)

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