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Theresa J Morris ACO Radio Shows

TJ Morris Radio Schedule for ACO American Communication Online – TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 7-9  E TJ Morris ET Radio on   Saturday 6-8 E TJ Morris o Cosmos Connection on and Sunday  We do Ascension Age - ACO Universal Life Church as Ascension Church Online  7-9 E on TJ Morris ET Radio on -

Theresa J Morris, ACO Association

ACO Association Intl.   Theresa J Morris Ms. Theresa J Morris Founder-CEO- ACO-ACIR, American Communications Online Owner-Manager-Marketing and Public Relations ACO Association -American Communications Online – TJ Morris Media-News-Publishing, TJ Morris Radio, Cosmos Expo Magazine, Theresa J Morris Ministries. CURRENT ROLE(S) Owner-Manager, CEO-ACO Association International, Administration-Import-Export, Administration, Management, Radio, Producing, Writing, Computers, EDUCATION Certificates – Various Colleges, Universal of

UFO Secret Space Command Journals -ACO CLUB

Monthly Archives: February 2008 FEB 25 2008 UFO JOURNALS -ALLIED FEDERATION HIGH COUNCIL BRIEFINGS SCIENCE GRID METAPHYSICS WEB OF ET UFO GOD MATRIX Some call life on earth the Matrix. Web, grid, matrix are basically just words. It is the meaning that gives the connotation of time and reality. The explanations may not be accurate enough

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