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TJ Morris Publishing a dividba of TJ Morris ACO. Theresa J Thurmond Morris is an author, entrepreneur, agent-consultant-organizer in the USA. Theresa Janette goes by TJ to her friends in the American Culture Online Community which she began as her own social network media friends before Facebook and Twitter. TJ now shares her life online 50% of the time with ACO Social Service Club and team building for the ACE Nonprofit Inc and ACO Corp.Org. TJ Morris Business Services assists entrepreneurs in workshops, seminars, and event planning to share a community online practicing skills as COPS.TJ is a member of BMI, ACE Folklife, ACE Nonprofit Inc., and ERA COP Association for advancing art, culture, education, and research for cyberspace community in our Global Culture. TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACO, ACE, TJ Morris Treasure Shopw, and ERA COP. TJ Morris ET Radio Show, TJMorris Media, TJ Morris Hosting and TJ Morris Entertainment. Artists, Authors, Consultants, Organizers, Researchers use TJ Morris

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