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Theresa-J-Morris-2006Theresa J. Morris Bio ~ Updated April 2017
Theresa J Morris author, researcher, talk radio host, health freedom advocate, former hospital corpsman in the U.S. Navy. Trained as a legal investigator, private investigater, and certified in business and pubic security was also a professional witness in court cases. After losing family members to cancer including her mother, TJ began a quest to learn all she possibly could about alternative treatments in the health and wellness industry. TJ has now made it his life mission to share the most remarkable discovery she made on her quest which is spirituality and accepting we share a balance as body mind spirits sharing the birth life death process.The vast majority of humans do not learn about proper nutrition and the second brain in our gut some call the human biome.
Having near death experiences and learning how to eat to stay alive became an important part of living. However, knowing how to think and about what matters became an important part of being human. Learning what is important to life and how to manage and balance life became a part of the eternal learning process.
TJ speaks frequently on radio,at seminars, expos, conferences, churches, and is a regular guest on multiple
radio shows and writes for numerous magazines and websites. Speaking from personal experience and extensive research.
TJ has touched the hearts and changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.
TJ calls this the Ascension Age in which she offers to share her near death experiences and her life with those who have made contact with her. Some call them angels while others call them aliens. TJ has founded the Alien Contact Organization for those who desire to continue a spiritual quest for knowledge in futurology which we share in co-creating together.
Theresa J Morris known as TJ on talk shows, has been given a return on life on several occasions and believes it is important to understand why we return to earth to live a life and learn to manage our own body-mind-spirits.
Sharing what matters about our own management of our whole life which includes our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies is a part of growing up as a humanoid sentient intelligent being. TJ has learned about her own body and staying balanced. This includes the chemical balance we need by what we ingest. Also, where we go, and what we choose to know is an important part of who we are and what we shall become. Who we choose to share information with and incorporate into our own inner world of perceptions into our own reality is a part of our mental health.
Learning is an education process that not everyone is willing to spend quality time on while life does have a purpose and meaning, there is an important aspect we tend to forget. Life must be fed an inner connection to the whole macrocosm. We cannot function properly without being connected to the entire whole.
Just like our inner physical body has a way to stay balanced so does our emotional and mental bodies. Now, we share our spiritual and astral bodies and talk about our inner essence as that which is truly what is connected to the outer source of all creations.
For now, wTJ-Rose-Thurmond-Morris-Fast-aole are sharing that when we get out lives physical body out of balance we become ill. The same goes for our emotional and mental bodies. We have to continue to support our whole life which includes all our bodies that is attached to our astral bodies that can travel.
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Theresa J Morris is Author/Entrepreneur-Speaker – TJ Morris ET Radio Show Host.
Founding Director of ACIR-ACE-ACO Social Networking Internet Clubs. TJ Morris tm ACIR sm. Theresa’s Brand is known as TJ Morris dba ACIR. American author, radio host, and speaker who has had UFO sightings, CE5 Contact and has devoted her Life’s Work to sharing what she calls The Ascension Age with co-crafting and creating new spiritual education paths for the future.
Theresa also known as TJ is a member of BMI. Theresa began her research in the human potential movement after NDE near death experiences. TJ shares her education and spiritual philosophy based on her experiences including UFO Sightings, ET Encounters and her continued research with friends who join her TJ Morris ACO Social Club. TJ Morris is the Talk Show Host of the TJ Morris ET Radio weekly. TJ has written several books including Cosmos Knowing Cosmology, Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Roswell Encounters, Alien UFO Story by TJ. Theresa of Ascension and others.
TJ is now working with various small business entrepreneurs as a consultant. Tj’s work includes art, culture, education, social changes and a supports a new spiritual science movement for the Ascension Age as a “Family of Kindred Spirits.” TJ’s professional background is as a Private, Legal, and Government investigator, and Investigative Reporter and blogger. TJ owns TJ Morris Hosting, Publishing, Radio.

Author, radio personality and spiritual intuitive, Theresa J Morris is the host of TJ Morris ET Radio and the Founder of the Metaphysical Institute of Ascension Center Energetics. She is the author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She has appeared on radio and television and is an eclectic soul as an investigative reporter. TJ covers topics in her passion as a mystery explorer in body-mind-spirit health and prosperity. TJ is best known for healing intuition, ancient mysteries, cosmology, metaphysics, parapsychology, ufology, and the universal mind. Theresa who prefers to go by TJ founded the original Ascension Center and Psychic Network. Tj began the ACE Folklife Artists-Authors Club and has a small business TJ Morris Treasure Shop.
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Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Radio Host shares her experiences in her books. Born Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, in Monroe, La now lives in Beaver Dam, KY USA with her husband-author, Thomas R. Morris. Theresa has an Authors Club Organization as ACO. TJ has specialized in the paranormal genre since 2007 when she became a syndicated columnist for various magazines.
Theresa has over 36 years experience as a Private Investigator, Legal Investigator, and U.S. Government, DOD, USN, GS, Contractor. Theresa not only is a writer but an editor for other authors in her Authors Club Organization, ACO.
Theresa J Morris is Author/Entrepreneur-Speaker – TJ Morris ET Radio Show Host and Founding Director of the ACE Nonprofit Inc, and ACO Corp Press Club. TJ Morris tm ACIR sm. Alien Contact Experiencers of ACE Nonprofit Inc.
Theresa also known as TJ Morris dba ACIR is an American who has had Close Encounters her entire life and has devoted her Life’s Work to sharing the future with support groups of Lightworkers and Truthseekers of the Ascension Age. Theresa began her research in the human potential movement after a NDE near death experience in May, 1958 and again January 27, 1974 and both times she experienced alien intelligence beings that she considered angels at the time.
TJ has since changed how she believes in extraterrestrials based on UFO Sightings and ET Encounters and is now sharing her story with those who join her in her TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club. TJ Morris is the Talk Show Host of the TJ Morris ET Radio weekly. TJ has written several books including Roswell Encounters, Ascension Age, and Alien UFO Story by TJ. TJ is now working with various small business entrepreneurs to form an annual conference in AMERICA with those who support her work in art, culture, education for the social changes and the new humanoid species as a supporter of a new spiritual science movement as a “Family of Kindred Spirits of the Social Paranormal Kind.” TJ’s professional background is as a Private, Legal, and Government investigator and refers to herself simply as an entrepreneur.
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