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Ascension is committed to delivering compassionate, personalized guidance to all, with special attention to persons living impoverished in the United States. Ascension Centers Online Community. American Communications Online.

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Every Sunday 8-10 E/7-9 Central/6-8 Mtn/5-7 Pac.

God Has No Religion however, we share Spiritual Science and we believe Alien Civilizations Exist.

We are Lightworkers and Truthseekers of the Ascension Age called Golden Age in India.

We share Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, History, Folklife, Pop culture, Media, Press, News and Publishing.

We share God Realization of the Ascension Age. Spiritual Science of the Ascension Center Education also known as ACE Folklife Association, We share ancient cultures origin and new thought teachings.

We do research and share Educational Research Association Community Online Press. We share peer review journals and blogs. We are known among social media groups.

Some people now interested in the science of our ancient cultures origin and spiritual science in general.

We should begin researching categories for our various topics when not doing interviews but have panel discussions on our radio shows.


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Ascension Age was founded in November 1989 through November 1993 in Honolulu, Hawaii and moved it’s mailing address office to Maui, Hawaii in 2007.

Non-denominational Christian Church, and a member of the ACO Ascension Center Organization. Theresa Janette Thurmond was founder and minister/counselor.


The church was founded as a small group after Theresa J Thurmond attended the Gold Pyramid church with Stephen Halpern in 1985 , the father of New Age Music, in Houston, Texas. Theresa also known now as TJ Morris received a calling by God and was called to the front of the church for a laying on of hands which began her spiritual journey on her own ministry spiritual path to Hawaii.


Theresa then received revelations as what in outreach is called an avatar oracle and has written a book called Avatar Oracle. She began using convention tools including from the original kabalistic terms as the tree of life and this included channeling her higher consciousness, and what many call divine revelation.


Theresa was part of the 11-11-87 New Harmonic Conversion. Theresa attended People Synergistically Involved and completed the full required studies in seminars up to receiving the book at the ranch in California.


All outreach was seen as the spiritual path history and this lead to creating the Ascension Center Church of Hawaii with the friends who began the Spiritual World Network (SWN), the World Information Network (WIN), and the original first Psychic Network recorded in Honolulu, Hawaii as a not for profit incorporated business. Theresa has the original Ascension Center Hawaii


Psychic Awakening Classes Handbook which she used to teach spiritual awakening classes with for Dr. Laura Sturgis, Ph.d. of Oahu, Hawaii in 1993.


Since that time, Theresa moved to Kentucky for 20 years before moving to Gulf Breeze, Florida. She now shares her spiritual world Network with those interested in her spiritual path of awakening consciousness and body-mind-spirit health and wellness outreach ministries. Spiritual path lessons are given on TJ Morris ET Radio Network as the ACO Ascension Center Organization in the United States of America in American Communications Online as Spiritual Education Entertainment…


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