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Theresa J Morris TJ Morris ACIR- TJ Morris Media-Agency TJ Morris ET Radio

Theresa J Morris
TJ Morris ACIR- TJ Morris Media-Agency
TJ Morris ET Radio

About the Author – Theresa J Morris, Investigative Journalist

Life Coach- Speaker- Business Consultant-Internet Publishing

American Culture International Relations

TJ Morris Agency- TJ Morris Media – TJ Morris ACIR

Media-News-Publishing – Radio

Cosmos Radios Network

Founding Director Ascension Center Church
Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, TJ Morris Media, TJ Morris Agency, ACO, Ascension Center Organization, American Association Literary Education and Historical Society, ACO TJ Morris Publishing, Timely Manor Books,,,,,, TJ Morris Radio Network, Cosmos Radios Network.Consultant as TJ Morris dba ACIR, Former DOD, Dept. of Navy, 1985-1993 (4X10).Now Registered Contractor as Pres/CEO of ACO of Kentucky, USA .,Former Pres/CEO Jungle Beach Corp. HI and CA, J. B. Cork, Eco Fashion, International Import & Export Trade and Commerce. 1989-1994 Honolulu, HI and PSYCHIC NETWORK INC. Trained Psychics, Business Leaders (CEOS), Psychology Ph.Ds., worked with FBI, NIS, OPM, DOD personnel, Prior Legal Investigator 1978 to 4-29-85 when joined the U.S. Govt. GS Civil Service General Investigator. 1987 Entered into Contracting Consultant and Personal Service Consulting Internet Business while assisting corporations both profit and not for profit. Specializes in American Veteran Organizations Administration and Reporting. Internet Research and Business Internet Security. Presently an Organizer for organizations under the ACE Corp Holding Company for ACE FOLKLIFE, Ascension Center Organization, and TJ Morris Publishing Branding Recognition, Public Relations, Social Media, and Serves as a Social Entrepreneur and Goodwill Ambassador in ACIR.TJ Morris, Author-Writer, organizer, social entrepreneur. Ambassador of Goodwill for ACIR.

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