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Future Events ACIR TJ Morris ACO Club

Future Events ACIR
TJ Morris ACO Club

Theresa J Thurmond Morris Author/Life Coach

Theresa J
Thurmond Morris
Author/Life Coach

Love and purpose of this is to raise awareness of who we are as the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We share commentary now on our blog talk radio shows as podcasts which is live and leave streaming and archiving. The purpose of our lives is to find our truth we can trust to take with us when while we live and when we leave this planet, this realm of existence. We desire to highlight some of the more compelling ethical principles of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species.

We are here not only to educate, explore, and analyze but to participate for the greater good of the overall critical mass mind which we are now defining as the source of all energy creation. There are now issues and questions in our own minds as to whom we desire to share our lives with and will continue shaping the future.

We as the Planning Committee for the future meet and greets of humanoids on earth must consider who we shall desire to join in on our ACE Spiritual Community as associates, lightworkers and truthseekers. There will be future issues to consider in spirituality and psychology integration with both students and teachers.

I suggest we focus on the action we shall take as the planning committee with emphasis on the mysteries of life that make people look for their own desires and passion which drive them as an individual and allow them to ask how they desire to participate in the whole.

Many of the people interested in the future are educators or people in the human social philosophy fields including those in neuro science with emphasis in a focus on psychotherapy. The Following WE WILL USE for our ways of sharing in our cyberspace culture that which we know is content for information sharing in our ACE Education and Research Association papers. We review and update ACIR Information/Requirements. TJ Morris dba ACIR. ACE Metaphysicians share ACE Nonprofit Inc.

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