ACO Educational Entertainment

    Social Activities

  • Video Presentations in Educational Entertainment
  • What we are looking to build in the future for our Cosmos Expo
  • ACO Webinars
  • Includes:
  • Assisting in personal crisis
  • psychic awakening classes/webinars
  • Coaching: Initiating Fact Finder
  • Coaching: Initiating Follow Thru
  • Coaching: Initiating Quick Start
  • Coaching: Initiating Implementor
  • Coaching: Mediator
  • Coaching: Transition

  • Commitment Clarifier Worksheet and Leader’s Guide
  • Leadership/Concepts
  • Initiating Solutions/Preventing Problems
  • Bridging Differences/Dealing with Transitions
  • Pure Instinct:
  • Speaking on Radio/Events/
  • Being Part of a TEAM
  • Power Point Preparation/Planning Topics
  • Example:

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