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Why would anyone in their right mind want to talk about UFOs and paranormal encounters? I am asking myself this question.

Being that I was told I was born in the U.S.A. and given a Christian name at birth by two loving parents who raised me, it would appear I was meant to be as normal as everyone else in America.

However in this lifetime, I have been told I was a walk-in and an ET Hybrid.

I have a wonderful connection to a higher power most of us call God and God Mother. I consider myself a Christian due to my upbringing and orientation. I am certainly more than I appear to be. My choice to adapt to my surroundings and to adhere to policy and procedures on the planet based on my location is a part of knowing how I fit into the big picture we call a cultural society. I have been happy doing what I do and fitting in with all those people in my surrounding areas that life has chosen for me. What I am now doing is agreeing to tell the parts of my life that others may not know about.

This will only matter to those who have a desire to know that there is more out there in the cosmos than meets the eye. It will take some time to break down each of my paranormal experiences and will take some reading on my friends part.

I must share one particular person who has asked me to begin writing my stories in first person active and that is a woman born Janet Lynn Thompson of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who now goes by Janet Kira Lessin and lives in Maui, Hawaii. Our paths crossed for a reason and we are going to share our stories in a book for others to refer too in the future.

For now, it is going to be fun sharing what is not so normal with how I came across UFOsand ETs. Also, some communication of an entity that shared information with me and now I want to know more about all that seems as if it is energy from another form or another entity that comes and goes from this planet.

I do not have all the answers, however I am on a spiritual quest to find out more about spiritual science and metaphysics. I enjoy neurology and cosmology along with quantum physics. There are many more topics that I enjoy but for now these three topics will do for a basis of my encounters with UFOs, USOs and ETs.

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