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UFO Secret Space Program –

A world entity which takes on a new reality in the World Information Network.

We actually began an awareness program which is a part of the real world technology. Affirming we had a space program is a part of our disclosure.

Sharing information about what is already known on earth is disclosure. We share the Ancient Cultures Origin as ACO and Ascension Center Organization as ACO. UFO Secret Space is a part of the vast energy which takes on communication and education with words and we choose to use business english as that of the Americans on earth.

We discuss time, space, gravity, dimensions, realms, ufo technology, space communication, interstellar travel, and what some refer to as space and time with time travel.

We share science and the science fiction of our imaginations for the future comes from that which we all access as co-creation. Some may share this simply as models in science and art. We are establishing our STEM program for the future and also known as disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. We will also need to share in communications and education and entertainment.

We will share what we know about space and extraterrestrials. We share our known ancient cultures origins and that which has been thought to be lost.

We have a whole new reality. The reality I have established is one of starting over and asking others to join me if they so desire. I am inspired to begin the UFO Secret Space Program. I will do my part in welcoming my friends into my new reality as I tell my own personal story of how life has been on planet and in what we call space as in

UFO is an acronym for unidentified Flying Object. We will have a new reality based on the now.

We will consider all that has been spoken of in the past as that of the ACE Folklife Society which archives that which has been spoken of in the past.

We will consider all that has been written in the past as that of the Ancient Cultures Origin.

We will consider all that we are going to include in our UFO Secret Space Project in our present in our Cosmos Expo.




TJ MORRIS ACO Business Trademark

TJ Morris Media shares publishing and e-publishing and all media, news, publishing rights which belong to the founder and owner Theresa J Morris.

Theresa J Morris, 65 year old widow has been inspired to share the information as experience which she obtained in her lifetime as what some people in business may refer to as an agent, consultant, organizer. Those in the spiritual business refer to her as many things including an oracle.

Theresa uses the business trademarks which she as used in commerce as ACO, ACE, and ACIR. In March 2000 she began using the TJ Morris name brand and logo as her own personal name initials and as a business name.

Physical,Astral, Etheric bodies along with para-psychology are a major part of the teachings of the ACO, ACE, ACIR, and APLE which are classes used in the World Information Network and the World Entity written about.

We will begin writing in cyberspace that which was written by hand and received by Theresa Janette Thurmond also known as TJ Morris. Ascension Center Brand and Logo also share Theresa (Tara) Thurmond as the original founder on earth. This information has been stored in various places due to the divine guidance and connection from source and as some call God with a big g and for communication purposes for our future generations who will shape the worlds to come.

The information on this website is for the sole use of ACOs’ members, for ACO business only. It is not to be used for solicitation and distribution of non-ACO’s material or information. All rights reserved. By Theresa J Morris, Owner, ACO Club’s International. ACO’s International logo and all other ACO’s International trademarks and copyrights are the sole property of Theresa J Morris. ACO’s American Communications Online International and may be used only by permission. ACO used with Ascension Center Organization. Ascension Ancient Mystery Schools, ACE Metaphysical Institute. A foundation of self-improvement and well-being. For emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being. We share in integrative medicine practitioner’s training in art, culture, education as ACE Folklife which falls under anthropology and archaeology for our Ancient Cultures Origin Research Association. We share our Psychic Awakening Classes in our ACO Club handbook written by the founder 1989-1994 while living in Hawaii on her own spiritual quest. Theresa has moved to Gulf Breeze, Hawaii to update the ACO spiritual movement of the great awakening.
Site Hosting and Technical support provided by Theresa J Morris, TJ Morris Media and TJ Morris Agency as a free service of ACO International.  As service to members of our ACO Social Service Club for our free social media friends who join our ACO American Communications Online.

ACO International is a franchised established with ACE in USA.

We provide speechcraft and online training webinars, radio shows, and events with our agents, consultants, and organizers. We share Literary Agents information for writers and online journalists. Theresa J Morris, dounder, author, investigative journalist began the original ACO in Honolulu Hawaii in September 1989 along with World Information Network (WIN) . ACE Metaphysical Institute is training for those interested in metaphysics. The Ascension Ancient Mystery Schools are taught for those interested in beginning the Ascension Spiritual Path.

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