UFO Secret Space Program

We have a whole new reality. The reality I have established is one of starting over and asking others to join me if they so desire. I am inspired to begin the UFO Secret Space Program. I will do my part in welcoming my friends into my new reality as I tell my own personal story of how life has been on planet and in what we call space as in

UFO is an acronym for unidentified Flying Object. We will have a new reality based on the now. http://theresajmorris.com

We will consider all that has been spoken of in the past as that of the ACE Folklife Society which archives that which has been spoken of in the past.

We will consider all that has been written in the past as that of the Ancient Cultures Origin. http://ancientculturesorigin.com

We will consider all that we are going to include in our UFO Secret Space Project in our present in our Cosmos Expo. http://cosmosexpo.com


Theresa J Morris, ACO Gulf Breeze, FL 32563, Author-Business Manager, Radio Host, Speaker, Health Advocate, TJ Morris Agency-ACO professional trade Association- CosmosExpo.com,UFOSecretSpace.com, AncientCulturesOrigin.com, TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACO, ACE - geopolitics, Researcher

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