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What could I do to be in service to others in this day and time on planet earth?

People would follow my stories and say they could not get enough of them when I did write articles for Dirk Vander Ploeg in Canada. I wonder if anyone still remembers those days? Those were the good old days when my parents, child, and husband was still alive on planet earth! Life was good and I really did have time to simply write my thoughts.

It was to get all the thoughts I had about how it could be, would be, or should be. Maybe I was just dreaming but the life then had a cutting edge about it. It seemed more logical and down to earth.

Now with all the heart ache behind me, I have a void inside my soul. It is deep and unless another person has lost a child, a spouse, or parent,  they will not know the deep loss one can feel. It is a feeling of being alone and a foreboding feeling of something one has lost or left behind.


2nd Life

I am still on the planet and have 3 daughters, 3 sisters, and 1 brother after losing 2.

We all will experience the loss of a loved one more than likely in this lifetime. The loss of anyone is hard. When we are close to another this feeling when they leave us is one we must over time get use too.

When I was born I know I had a good life and I was the center of attention. I am sure that anyone in America would agree I had a good life.

People want to know more about what it is like to leave one’s own body. People want to know what life is like outside of this physical world we have all co-created.

Many people believe they have all the shared answers for themselves and others. I have met quite a few in my lifetime of almost 70 years.

Now that I am getting up in years as they say on earth, I will begin to share what i do remember about life in another way, in another place.

Life after life may be a way to describe what has happened to me. I will write and see how the words fall into place. No reason to make extra work out of thoughts which have already been made known in cyberspace culture.

My quest is to encourage others to write about their strange supernatural lives.

This will sound like many others on earth I am sure who have written what seems magical or metaphysical in nature.

My life with angels and/or extraterrestrials will be classed as a common occurrence in this next epoch of 2500 years.  So, whether one will believe I am writing fiction or non-fiction I leave that up to all the wonderful curiosity seekers.

For now, I will write to entertain my friends who find me one who has experienced super natural or extraordinary things.

Join me weekly and I will do my best to keep up one place in space that will allow me to visit with you.


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