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Pastor Ralph Kennedy Johnston and Pastor RIchard T Knight joins Theresa J Morris Minisitries for our “Sunday Go To Meetin’ ON RADIO!”

American Communications Online Broadcast Publishing Platform is proud to sponsor the “TJ Morris ET Radio Studio”. We are celebrating 9 years together in our TJ Morris ACO Club.

Various people through the years have joined me in welcoming others on our weekly radio shows.

We began 9 years ago on SUNDAY and we introduced our plans for our future annual gatherings in Albuquerque, New Mexico and at the time, we

had planned on meeting with Robert O Dean to discuss our plans for the Allied Command Organization (ACO) as also the Alien Cosmos Origins talks and our Stargate to the Cosmos events as a portal to our ascension webinars. We also discussed meeting annually in October 2 to 31.

We planned 9 years ago 18th to 31 October and it took until 2018 for our fearless leader Solar Ambassador Ralph Kennedy Johnston Sr. to get us all organized.

Now, 9 years later, we will meet again and put the year 2020 behind us afterall Hindsight is 20/20 and we want to allow people to know that our plans for our Universal Life Teachers, Clergy, Chaplains, Pastors who follow Church of Ufology on paper and on blogs is not in vain. We all became evangelist online to share in what we now term our CHURCH CYBERSPACE CULTURE.

We are 9 years in the making and so we are not a fad, a trend, but a church of friends who we trust to share in our belief that ‘Alien Civilizations Exist!”.

Now people may wonder who we are in the future before we all pass but we are all VETERAN VOLUNTEERS! We talk on radio to share our spirit and souls about cognitive intelligence and our belief in miracles! Jesus in the miracle business and we support the ascended masters of our community support groups. All of us now approve of the “ASCENSION AGE” and I am responsible for my daughters sharing how we all believed when we were a family which said, “A FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER!” – You each can define your own religion and ours is defined by the lives we lead.!

I will ADD THE PHOTOS OF PASTOR KEN AND PASTOR RICK as they learn to know of each others joined serendipity behavior online. Theresa J Morris is the Host of TJ Morris ET Radio every Sunday 5-7 Eastern, 4-6 Central, 3-5 MTN., and 2-5 PAC. that is Noon or 1 Hawaii Time.

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