Scott Breen on “TJ Morris ET Radio”

Branding for our TEAMS and CAMPAIGNS in our ONLINE Digital Marketing Plans among our friends we trust to do business at home or share in a hobby of writing articles, speaking on our radio shows, or writing scripts for our documentaries, travel, or ancient wisdom, esoteric guide etc…

Scott Breen of Michigan USA will be assisting our artists, astronauts, authors, business2business, chefs, engineers, entrepreneurs, musicians, radio stations, videographers…


Artist-Entrepreneur Scott Philip Breen. Scott Philip Breen’s artist-chef-singer-software developer a renaissance man. Scott was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born on Friday 13th, Sept. 13, 1974, he was born to live and shine in an artist’s world. Scott is up on the latest trends and calls himself an “Art Futurist Creating Media for Mixed Reality!”. Scott and TJ Met in May 2021 in the shift of the waves from 3D to 5D. Scott was single a Dad became an artist as a Chef designing all types of cuisine in fine dining. Scott loves history and research ancient cultures. Scott had found a talent in encryption coding at age 8 as his first creation as a board game in 1982. He was in a talent contest, became an Eagle Scout, and performed on stage by age 16.  He loved performing and singing and began writing his own songs. Scott has 6 children and works in digital marketing services. Scott prefers his ARVR tutorials and teaches webinars while still applying his art in mixed mediums. Scott is now 47 years old and will be selling his art as a street artist in New Orleans. He also works part-time as a contractor in ARVR stage and all media production consulting. The future is in augmented reality with the entire cyberspace culture, tv, movies, museums, internet security targeting imaging portal projects in mixed realities. 

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