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Theresa J Morris Ministries dba TJ Morris Agency for Spiritual Science Actualized Soulness – Self-Help Spiritual Growth Understanding. All that our minds can conceive and shared in the circle of the critical mass mind. Mystical powers of our own choosing and each humanoid sentient intelligent being can imagine is explored for the uplifting of humankind. We share our words in epistemology and phenomenology to progress our future into the expanse of all our universes.

It is up to each of us to find simple truth that is ever changing for each of us as we progress on our own spiritual journey in what we now call consciousness. Body-mind-spirit-emotions-senses along with rational logic and reason assists us in surviving and learning to thrive with a passion for not just living and existing but joining with our families and friends who share in our extended family. We share in the ACO American Communications Online Family of Interests into the unknown and/or unexplained as we discover the words we want to keep as paid for historical data.