Theresa J Morris

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We have serviced 8 years archiving TJ Morris ET Radio Shows for our ACO Club Members. Archiving data base history. For our ACO UFO Association Authors, Archivivsts, Researchers, Event Managers, Organizers.

American Communications Online Holding Company for WHO’s Who Internationally can Reciprocate by giving us a page on their own professional domain or blog cite. Others may join as a contributor, author, editor, manager, but we do have moderators of our social media groups.

Theresa J Morris, Hosting Specialist, Audio-Video, Member BMI,

Author-Entrepreneur-Historian – Researcher

Web Master – GoDaddy Pro

WordPress Blog Archivist

Began UFO Association, ACO Association, for Ascension Center Organization and ACE Folklife Education – Myths and Legends, Ancient Civilizations Origins History Club. Welcome Alien Contact Organizers and UFO Event Managers.