Theresa J Morris ACO

  • Theresa J (Thurmond) Morris

TJ Morris Agency, Developer, American Communications online, Broadcast

  • Gulf Breeze, Florida 
  • ACIR
  • Univ. of Alabama in Birmingham


Developing our educational entertainment network with friends in social media.
TJ Morris Agency and ACO CLUB of Friends who share Business to Business Marketing, Editing in English.
American Culture International Relations. We are covering a process for starting from the business development, needs gathering, advertising and f2f/skype working with the internal HR and managers, offering them a consultative service.TJ Morris Agency for American Communications Online. TJ Morris dba ACIR Advanced Communications Founding Member of ACO Club, ACE Life Coach, Cosmological Metaphysicians including ebooks, ACO Association, ACIR, Allied Command Organization. UFO Association Organization. Analyst, Observer, Paranormal Researcher, Investigative Reporter, Author, Speaker. Intuitive Reader ET Tarot. Investigative Journalist, Member, ACIR since 1967, TJ Morris Publishing Agency since 2003. Marketing media management, organizer, speaker, host, radio shows, producer, talent management, publisher, Timely Manor Books Esoteric, Spirituality, Ascension Age ~ Ace Folklife archivists, Similar Interests Groups Scout, Social Networker, Social Entrepreneur, Member BMI, singer, songwriter, web-builder, documentaries, production, talk action talent coordinator, Union negotiation, purchasing, government liaison, branding and identity, server architecture, mergers and acquisition, salary arbitration, international law in foreign trade and commerce. Contractor ACIR Cleared 1967-2017. Specialties: radio host, speaker, organizer, marketing, promotions, Union negotiation, purchasing, government liaison branding and identity, computer web hosting, server architecture, mergers and acquisition, salary arbitration, international law, research, investigative reports, background checks, public benefits associations, niche market media success. Research in fields of Arts & Science. Cosmology – Alienology, Consciousness-Intelligence, Futurology, Phenomenology, Technology, Ufology, Allied Command