A Life Coach Consultant

Pastor of Ascension Age Metaphysics, Esoterics, Super Natural, Paranormal Authors Club Online.

We share interests as Associates,+ Spirituality Wellness – seniors care practicing integrative medicine partners and self-help books provided by American Communications Online Radio Talk Shows for information and educational entertainment and research into software and business to business and business to customer for our ACO Club Members in Trade Publications and event management.

Psychic Medium

We believe that each being is wholly unique

By working together with professionals we help maintain content on the super highway began by Sir Tim Berners. TJ promotes the general well-being of cyberspace culture as an internet evangelist . Partners must be a member of our ACO Association working in cyberspace culture community with our group.

Professional services

We offer complete turnkey service for your internet presence in ACOT Digital Marketing Online. We maintain your Website Hosting Page with our without a shopping cart or store. I have been running companies boards since 1997. I became a developer and webmaster in 2004.

American Commjunications Online

Dedicated care

Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing patients with the individualized care they deserve to keep them in their best health – and our care is catered to their unique needs.

TJ Morris ET Radio, ACO Radio, and ACIR Radio speakers & Guides share bringing your name to our audience. We have been doing radio since 2012 on our own channels. Totally exceeding my expectations on every account. My friends truly care about us and being in service to others. We are lightworkers and truthseekers in our Ascension Cosmos Oracles Corp.

– T.J.