Bret Lueder

Bret Lueder ACO Press Club American Communications Online
Bret Lueder Journalist-Host ACO Press Club American Communications Online

Bret Lueder is an entrepreneur with a degree in journalism. His passion has been as an investigative reporter for the last 14 years in research for various esoteric topics.

Bret is a well-known speaker having began with Victoria Jack in California and also spoke at other events.

Bret has been a Co-Host on various radio shows since 2012 including with the ACO Radio Shows forĀ  the ACE Folklife Society and the UFO Association, and Alien Contact Organization.

Bret has a spiritual science background and is part of the Ascension Center Oracles Network for our Spiritual Community Network Online.

Bret Lueder is now sharing in the editing on our various domains including our magazines and newsletter.’

Bret Lueder is an Independent Journalist and Freelance available for hire while serving with our various open source education groups in our ACO Association.

Ascension Church Ohana for Christ Consciousness is part of the Whole Life Unincoporated Association of hybrid links sharing in the written and spoken word. Bret Lueder is a seeker in this world of disclosure.