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TJ Thurmond Morris

Born: Theresa Janette Thurmond

TJ Thurmond Morris

Theresa J Thurmond Morris, known professionally as TJ Morris, is a multifaceted content creator, author, producer, and videographer. As the founder of the TJ Morris Agency, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the realms of intelligence reform, communications, and paranormal research. Her expertise and enthusiasm for exploring extraterrestrial phenomena and metaphysical experiences have made her a sought-after host personality on platforms such as ET Talk TV and Radio.

Early Life and Education:

Born with an insatiable curiosity about the unknown, TJ Morris has dedicated her life to understanding and communicating complex and often controversial subjects. Her early years were marked by an interest in the paranormal, UFOs, and metaphysical studies, which she later pursued through extensive research and personal experiences.

Professional Career:

TJ Morris’s career spans a variety of roles and industries. As a content provider and producer, she has created numerous documentaries, radio shows, and video content focused on extraterrestrial intelligence, UFOs, and paranormal activities. She is also a prolific author, writing books and guides on topics such as CE-5 contact, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), near-death experiences (NDEs), astral travel, remote viewing, and lucid dreaming.

Through her company, TJ Morris Agency, she provides a platform for authors, researchers, and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences. Her agency is part of a larger network, American Communications Online (ACO), which she uses to build a cyberspace culture of communication.

Public Speaking and Events:

TJ Morris is a dynamic speaker and panelist, frequently appearing at conferences and events related to her fields of interest. Notably, she will be presenting and selling her books at the Alien Event in Las Vegas from October 17-20, 2024. Her presentations are known for their engaging and informative nature, often drawing large audiences eager to learn from her insights.

Writing and Publications:

TJ Morris has written a series of books and guides aimed at both beginners and intermediates. Her works include:

  • CE 5 Contactee Guide
  • UFOs and Paranormal Guide
  • Memoirs on OBE, NDE, Astral Travel, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, and Hypnagogic Experiences

These publications reflect her deep understanding and personal experiences with the subjects, offering readers practical advice and fascinating insights.

Future Projects:

Looking ahead, TJ Morris plans to expand her online presence through, where she will continue to share her work as an author, speaker, blogger, and host. She also manages the ACO Association, a trade association for associates, consultants, and event organizers, leveraging platforms like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster for ticketing.

Personal Life:

Residing in Buda, Texas, TJ Morris continues to explore and document the mysteries of the universe from her home on Tranquility Mountain. She remains passionate about her work and is dedicated to fostering a community of like-minded individuals through her various endeavors.


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