I found it ironic that many of our members do not know about GitHub. I have always known about it as a great tool.

But here is some handy information for all of you that enjoy doing what we do as content managers, writers, developers.


We join as authors, consultants, orators, developers.

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Explore is your guide to finding your next project, catching up …


GitHub is where people build software. More than 100 million …


Founded in 2007, GitHub has brought millions of developers …

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RageAgainstThePixel/ Wrapper … – GitHub

13 hours ago



LIT-Protocol/sign-in-with-google-lit-action – GitHub

9 hours ago



fortinet-fortisoar/connector-cymulate-endpoint-security – GitHub

6 hours ago




ElsevierSoftwareX/SOFTX-D-23-00781: A Library for … – GitHub

18 hours ago




nickbild/GigglyGram: You’re not funny, but AI is … – GitHub

18 hours ago




LinkedInLearning/4515339-building-php-applications-ai – GitHub

22 hours ago




getsentry/action-collect-test-data – GitHub

20 hours ago




Pull requests · 4GeeksAcademy/machine-learning-joel · GitHub

18 hours ago




Pull requests · RisingOSS-devices/android_device_google_shusky …

1 day ago




Issues · 4GeeksAcademy/traffic_light_DavidPadilla · GitHub

1 day ago


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Ever wondered how the @GHSecurityLab performs security research? Find out how they leverage code scanning, CodeQL, Codespaces and more🔒 ⬇️…

Posted on X · 1 day ago

How can AI models keep up with fast-changing data? One solution lies in retrieval-augmented generation, or RAG. RAG uses a variety of data sources, not just vector databases, to keep AI model outputs fresh and tailored to an organization’s knowledge.…

Posted on X · 2 days ago

Join @itsthatladydev for #OpenSourceFriday as we talk about Flash-X, a multiphysics software shaping the future of scientific simulations! Guest: Akash Dhruv. Bring your questions and your curiosity. 🚀 Friday, April 5, 2024, 10am EST 📺 Watch live here:

Posted on X · 2 days ago


Developer happiness is 🆙 with GitHub Copilot. Learn how you can elevate code quality and deliver better products 👇…

Posted on X · 2 days ago

Boost your Actions workflows with updates for GitHub-hosted runners! Now with Azure private networking 🔒 and a fleet upgrade 🚀 including 2 vCPU Linux, 4 vCPU Windows, macOS, and GPU hosted runners.…

Posted on X · 4 days ago

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Wikipedia › wiki › GitHub


GitHub is a developer platform that allows developers to create, store, manage and share their code. It uses Git software, providing the distributed version …

Timeline of GitHub · ‎GitHub Copilot · ‎Tom Preston-Werner · ‎Chris Wanstrath

GitHub – Apps on Google Play

Google Play › store › apps › details › id=com…


GitHub for Android lets you move work forward wherever you are. Stay in touch with your team, triage issues, and even merge, right from the app.

Rating: 4.6 · ‎ 105,757 votes · ‎ Free · ‎ Android · ‎ Business/Productivity

The GitHub Blog – Updates, ideas, and inspiration from GitHub …

The GitHub Blog


2 days ago — Updates, ideas, and inspiration from GitHub to help developers build and design software.

What Is GitHub? A Beginner’s Introduction to GitHub

Kinsta › … › Cloud Hosting


Nov 17, 2023 — GitHub is a for-profit company offering a cloud-based Git repository that helps developers store, manage, track and control changes to their …

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GitHub is a developer platform that allows developers to create, store, manage and share their code. It uses Git software, providing the distributed version control of Git plus access control, bug tracking, software feature requests, task management, continuous integration, and wikis for every project. Wikipedia

Founders: Chris WanstrathScott ChaconTom Preston-WernerP. J. Hyett

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

CEO: Thomas Dohmke (Nov 15, 2021–)

Founded: 2008, San Francisco, CA

Subsidiary: npm, Inc.

Revenue: 1 billion USD (2022)

Mascot: octocat